Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life: PORORO obsession!!

If you get a chance to visit South Korea and happen to bum into kids, ask them who is their "President"? Well I am not talking that kids over there joining political at very young age but I am talking about something else. Hahaha! You will get the answer straight away from them which is "Pororo". What is Pororo?? or have you ever heard about Pororo?

Pororo is little penguin, a computer generated animated cartoon series created by Iconix Entertainment, SK Broadband. This little Penguin is not only the most famous cartoon at South Korea, but it also swap away in many form, just name it; toys, bags, shirts, stationery,phone case and even handy plus!! Hahhaha!

When I saw it at the first time I fall in love with this cartoon animated!! With bright colors, big glasses, it was so adorable!^^*. This cartoon animated not only attract kids attention but adult love Pororo too!! including me. LOL ^^ If only I live at South Korea, I think my room would be full with Pororo stuffs! hahhahah!!

These days, Pororo have make it debut in international. The program currently airs in Australia, France, India, Italy,Puerto Rica, Singapore, Vietnam, Norway, UK and also Disney Junior (all across Asia). Wonder how can I get to know Pororo? Well I am not free to watch TV but as I'm looking for information through internet, out of blue pop up Pororo on my screen! I was like @_@!! What is this?? Its look so cute and adorable so I start to search for it and forgot what I am looking for earlier! Hahaha!

Then after I know what is it and get to know someone from South Korea, I start to ask him about Pororo. ^^ He gave me some link on YouTube and I start to watch it ^^~~ Then I told him first thing I wanna buy once I reach Korea (my spring trip) is Pororo! Hahhahah! Sound childish right?? but really I love to collect plush! hehe!

As my birthday was around the corner, he ask me what I wish for my birthday?, I told him I wanna Korean stamps as I love to collect stamps too. He gave me a Pororo stamps collection! Looking at that link makes me feel wanna jump! Hahhaha!! I didn't ask anything else! I just ask for Pororo stamps collection and I know I couldn't get it anywhere else. I even told him I am willing to pay as long I got the stamps! Hahhaha!!!

When my box arrived, I was so surprise, it was a big box! I just expected Pororo stamps collection but why he put it in big box?? When I open it (on my birthday) I was extremely happy as I saw PORORO plush!! hahaahhah!!! along with stamps collection, and toys for my nieces and nephews! I was so moved!! ^^

When I went to South Korea, I wish I could buy a lot of Pororo stuffs but I only bring small luggage TT, the only one I bought is Pororo handy plus! Hahaha! ^^~~~ A few months after my visit, he come over here to visit me and he surprise me again! this time he bought me Pororo phone case with my favorite color :D, I am so happy and will take care of those stuffs till my last breath. Hahha!! ^^~~~

P/S: My nieces and nephews love to play with my Pororo plush and sometimes they hide it from me!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! ^^** and asking how was my Pororo at Korea :P. Hahahha ^^~~~

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Music: K Pop vs K Indie

These days K Pop become a phenomena around the world and if you ask around what is K Pop, most of people know about it even though they were not a big fan of this music genre.  As K-pop attract a huge amount of attention from around the globe, they were officially listed it in YouTube as one kind of music genre on 15 December 2011.

Since its establish on YouTube, K-Pop fever kept gather millions viewers every month.  K-Pop really bring the house down on 2012 and become the King of music genre in YouTube as
Psy videos hits the chart for most views for this year. Gangnam Style not only set a record for the most watches videos on YouTube but it also set the World Record of 1 Billion viewers.

However, most of my Korean friends told me that
Korean prefers K-Indie rather than K-Pop. At first I was thinking what is K-Indie??I always heard K-Pop, but never heard of K-Indie. After struggling thinking what is K-Indie I decided to search for it at YouTube and after hearing couples of songs, I understand why Korean prefers K Indie rather than K-Pop! In fact me myself have fall in love with K-Indie!! Below is some of my favorites K-Indie songs. :D


P/s: Enjoy it!!