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Guideline:6 Special stuff you need to get at KOREA! ^^

Did you guys still remember about my previous entry?? 5 worth stuff to buy at Korea? I told all of you that I will write separate entry about special stuff to get at Korea isn't it? so here it is :D If you get any chance to travel to Korea, make sure you will take a note of these things in your souvenir list! The reasons why I am saying this is those stuff that I will list down soon;  you won't get the original taste or quality at any other countries except Korea! 

I know these days people telling me this, hey! we were living in technology savvy era, we can buy it online! I agree but somehow seeing it for real at their home country with lots of choices is better right?? ^^* Where you can hold it and ask about it from the native speakers, as well you can check the quality too! :D Sometimes when we buying online, the stuff that we get is not up to our expectation!!

Lets move on to the list then!!

1- Jeokkarak (Korean Chopstick)
2- Hanbok
3- Hanji doll
4- Kimchi
5- Gochujang
6- Seaweed (김)

If you wanna know more about Jeokkarak. You may read it here. Korean chopstick were different from any other Asian chopstick so make sure to get at least one set for yourself!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

While hanbok is a traditional clothes for Korean. They wearing it during some special occasion. Men and women wearing hanbok with different design. You may check it here.

Any of you know what is Hanji doll?? In order to make hanji doll, it require a particular skills and precisely. Not every one can do it well! Hanji doll were made traditionally using a high quality paper (from mulberry tree) produced in Korea.For more information about it, click here.

Next stuff to get at Korea is Kimchi. I know that you can get Kimchi at your own country as there are a lot of Korean restaurant these days. However sometimes for original taste you can't get the best of it unless at their mother country!! ^^

Gochujang is the next stuff! Well for having these you might need to consider about airport regulation first! O_o Some countries they did not permit some amount of liquidation to bring in. Yes gochujang is only available at Korea though!ㅠㅠ Or may be you can find it at Korean town at your home country??^^*

Last but not least is 김 (seaweed). Laver and seaweed is the same things, it is well known as best diet food in Korea!If you can see, most of Korean eat seaweed anytime as their snack! ^^ However I'm not really into it as I don't like fishy smell. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋTechnically, having seaweed is a tradition for Korean as well Japanese but Korean seaweed drying method is different from Japanese. So I guess that's why you must get it at Korea plus the price is more reasonable! :P

Korean chopstick @Jeokkarak

Traditional Hanbok

Hanji dolls

Dried Kimchi

Wet Kimchi



p/s: For certain of special item above, you need to pack it very well before boarding so that it still will be good when you reach home!


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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guideline: 5 Worth stuff to buy at KOREA

Since its going to be my second time visit to Korea soon, I am thinking of what I should buy when I'm there. Is it too early?? O_o Well I guess I'm just too excited!! ^^ Whenever I heard any of my friends going to South Korea, I feel if only I can be invisible and come along with them!! :P

Since I love to write about Korea, sometimes I got bunch of questions asking me about where to go around Seoul? Is it easy to go around using public transport? Is language is a huge barrier? What stuff should I buy to bring home?

After thinking a lot about it, I think I should write about those questions!! However today I would like to focus on 5 worth stuff to buy at Korea. ^^ Why I choose 5 worth stuff to buy rather than souvenir or special stuff to buy at Korea?? Anyone wanna try to make a wild guess??

First is, I will write about special stuff or souvenir to buy at South Korea in other entry. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Second is, worth stuff meaning that you can get these stuff back home however it might be slightly expensive or the quality is not very good compare you getting one in Korea. ^^

The most worth buy stuff at Korea is face mask sheet. I know that you can get it at your own country, but at Korea the price for face mask sheet is really cheap! You can get 30 face mask sheet at cost of 30,000 won!! Plus the package is well-known branded and establish! Just name it, Innisfree, THEFACESHOP, Nature Republic, Etude House, and lots more!

For the second worth stuff to buy at Korea is CC Cream, before this may be you are aware of BB cream right? What is CC cream and what is the different between CC cream and BB cream. Find it out on New trend at Korea. Choose which one is the best for you! ^^*

Third must worth stuff to buy is cosmetics. Well may be some you might think that this article is mainly for women or girl?? Hahha! You were wrong!! These days there are many men more concern about their skin and appearance as much as girl! Perhaps its because influence by Korean too?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You can check it out here. :)

Lets move to the fourth worth stuff! Ahhh again about women or girls??? Sorry I can't help it because all of these stuff were really cute!!! ^^~ The fourth worth stuff is girly accessory! Perhaps men readers can buy it for their girlfriends, mom, and sisters?? LOL. Owhhh I wish someone buy for me! T.T

The last worth stuff to buy at Korea is phone accessory. Phone accessories includes phone casing, phone strap,glitters stickers on phone, phone screen and so on! I guess if you see it, you might be like @_@!!! Hahhah! My first impression seeing those! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Face Mask Sheet

CC Cream


Accessory  (Bracelet) 

Accessory (Hair Band)

Phone Strap

Phone Casing

Ear cap dock dust plug

p/s: These stuff all were small stuff so it will be easy to fit in your luggage, if you buy too many you can send it home via post! ^^ Their post system is reliable and cheap! ^^. I will write about it in other entry! ^^*


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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Special Event: 15 August O_o??

What is so special about 15 August? For those who are not really keen about Korea might not know anything about it, let's ask to any Korean or people who interested about Korea then! What happen on 15 August annually at South Korea? Anyone know the answer?

15 August is a special day in South Korea as it was a day where they were FREE from Japanese imperialism. After been colonized from Japan since 1910, finally they got their FREEDOM BACK on 15 August 1945. This special day were known as Gwangbokjeol (광복절) or literally known as Restoration of Light Day. This day were gazette as public holiday on 1949.

During this special day, normally there are some event going on like official ceremony at Independent Hall of Korea or at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. There is even a comedy movie that take Gwangbokjeol as their subject, the title of that movie is Gwangbokjeol Teuksa (Jail Breakers). If you free check it out! ^^

Apart from that, premises and home were encourage to display Taegukki (Korean flag) to show their proud and deep appreciation of being free after 40 years suffering in Japanese imperialism. Not only premises and home were encourage to display Korean flag, people were also gather at one place and shout 대한 독립만세 meaning  Hurray the independent day!!

Another  interesting fact is most public museum and places are open for free of charge, as well they can ride on public transport and intercity trains for free!! What a bless!! ^^ For more information you may check it here.

p/s: Happy Gwangbokjeol for Korean!!May Korea be blessed with eternal light forever on!!


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