Thursday, June 16, 2016

Guideline/Korean Food: Halal issue on Samyang Ramen/Ramyeon

For the YEAR of 2016, MUSLIMS around the world started FASTING on the month of JUNE. This can be a little bit DIFFICULT for those who LIVE in 4 SEASONS countries as its fell during SUMMER. As the DAYLIGHT is LONGER than NIGHT, MUSLIM in some COUNTRIES need to FASTING at least 16 HOURS per day or the LONGEST will be around 21 HOURS 3 minutes.ㅠㅠ What about MUSLIMS that live in KOREA then?? I ASKED some of them, and they said, they need to FASTING for 16 HOURS 33 Minutes. Quite CHALLENGING I guess! O-o

Anyway TODAY, I'm NOT thinking to WRITE about the challengers they had there but I would talk about HOT issue regarding SAMYANG BULDAKBOKEUM MYEON. Most of us know that many MALAYSIAN have a high TEMPTATION  to try something NEW, that's why as you can see there are so many FOREIGN restaurants being OPEN in MALAYSIA.ㅋㅋㅋ SAMYANG BULDAKBOKEUM MYEON is NOT a restaurant though, its a SPICY CHICKEN RAMYEON which AVAILABLE in KOREA as well in MALAYSIA plus at some other COUNTRIES. So what was the ISSUES?O-o The issue is regarding to its HALAL status. 

As MUSLIM, HALAL and HARAM is ONE of the MOST important aspect in our DAILY life, this including from our FOOD SOURCES, clothing, finance and almost EVERYTHING! As I said the issue is HALAL. First of all we should KNOW what is HALAL all about. HALAL normally been FOCUS into FOOD and DRINKS which PERMISSIBLE for MUSLIM to EAT or DRINK under ISLAMIC SHARI'AH (law). The CRITERIA for HALAL food and drink NOT only FOCUS on the INGREDIENT itself but also the PROCESS of those been PREPARED as well the cleanliness PEOPLE who PREPARE it. HALAL food/drink should NOT contain ANY trace of PORK in any FORM, as well ALCOHOL. However in certain ASPECT alcohol is PERMISSIBLE with the amount is NOT more than 0.01, for STABILIZER, the amount should be NOT more than 0.05.

Next we move to the RAMYEON (라면) itself. Why it become a HOT issue?? Before we explain more, here are a FACT about the product, for SAMYANG BULDAKBOKEUM MYEON, there are 2 VERSION of this ramyeon. 1 VERSION is for DOMESTIC market and another one is for IMPORTED. The PACKAGING and BARCODE for both PRODUCTS are SAME yet for IMPORTED, on the PACK there is HALAL CERTIFICATE from KOREA  MUSLIM FEDERATION (KMF). Then what was the ISSUE?? The issue DERIVED when few SELLERS sell DOMESTIC product ramyeon OUTSIDE of KOREA and CLAIM its as HALAL.  

Another REASONS of this issue ARISE is because of the STATEMENT from HALAL IN KOREA page. For your INFORMATION, most PRODUCT that they check are DOMESTIC product which mean the product that AVAILABLE/CIRCULATED at KOREA and for DOMESTIC USED/CONSUME. For this ramyeon (DOMESTIC CONSUME) they DON'T have HALAL certificate. As people reading the page, some of them might NOT know well about it so they SIMPLY snap the photo and SHARE it. As they ONLY snap on the ingredient DETAILS, they did NOT check with PEOPLE who RESPONSIBLE to check it. Plus ADMIN of that page did make a NOTICE that the product is only for DOMESTIC used.

As the HALAL status being questioned by MUSLIM, some of them did asking about where the product been PRODUCE and if they PRODUCE the NON HALAL item along with HALAL product within the SAME area. As far as I know, this BRAND have 4 FACTORIES within KOREA, for IMPORTED ramyeon, they PRODUCE it at DIFFERENT factory. This factory FOCUS on producing HALAL product, located in WONJU, GANGWON-DO.



p/s: For those who still DOUBT about it, do NOT buy or EAT the product as this will LEAD you to 'SYUBHAH'.

p/s/; For those who have DOUBT on KMF, you can REFER to JAKIM page, where you can see there are many HALAL RESPECTED BODIES around the WORLD that been CERTIFIED by JAKIM including KMF.

p/s: For those who have DOUBT on JAKIM PROCEDURE, please EDUCATE yourself first. Travel ABROAD if you can because from traveling, you can LEARN more about HALAL and HARAM. (considering a PIOUS MUSLIM)  JAKIM been known WORLDWIDE as one of the MOST respectful HALAL HUB bodies and many COUNTRIES refer to JAKIM first for HALAL PROCEDURE.

p/s: Last but not least, I'm NOT a big fan of these RAMYEON in fact I NEVER try it, NOT because of the HALAL status, I write about this because as a MUSLIM, its my responsibility to SHARE facts that I know..   


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Friday, June 3, 2016

Coffee Addicted: Dahlia Cafe

Weather is so NICE here, its raining whole night yesterday, how I wish today is SUNDAY! ㅋㅋ Lazy to get off from my bed this morning!ㅋㅋ Oh NOO!, it's time to work!ㅠㅠ May finish, hello JUNE, its half of the YEAR!O-o Makes me thinking what do I ACHIEVE so far for 2016??I CAN'T answer it.ㅋㅋ Anyway these chilling weather makes me SLEEPY, before I dozed I better grab a cup of COFFEE!!ㅋㅋㅋ

This instant coffee DOESN'T feel GOOD though, if only there is CAFE near to my office!ㅠㅠ How I wish my town is SIMILAR like in SEOUL, where coffee cafe is almost EVERYWHERE!! I think my CASH will be finish as I'm super ADDICTED to coffee!ㅋㅋ Maybe I should BREW my coffee everyday?ㅋㅋㅋ

I think most of you KNOWS that's I'm a coffee ADDICT isn't it? This DISEASE I got when I visit KOREA for the SECOND time, back in 2013.ㅋㅋ BEFORE 2013 I drank coffee occasionally but I'm NOT a big FAN of it, as I hardly FIND it at my hometown. ㅋㅋ Back from that TRIP, all CHANGED! ㅋㅋㅋ Too bad I live at RURAL area so I CANNOT get it everyday UNLESS instant coffee.ㅠㅠ

As I CANNOT get it everyday, during my TRIP I drink COFFEE almost everyday!ㅋㅋㅋ Sometimes in a day I can have TWO cup of DIFFERENT coffee! ㅋㅋ It's a REVENGE as I CANNOT get it at my hometown everyday! ㅋㅋ During my TRIP to Korea, I try MANY brand of coffee, whether its a BIG CHAIN of coffee or its just a small/PERSONAL tiny cafe. My TRIP can be considered as COFFEE TOUR!ㅋㅋㅋ

As I went to few PROVINCE during my 2013 trip, I also TRIED some coffee from TINY cafe or a LOCAL brand coffee. At GIMHAE, me and my FRIENDS had our COFFEE at ONE of famous cafe for LOCAL there. The cafe LOCATED at a HILL and it's quite FAR from TOWN. I think its NOT easy to ACCESS by PUBLIC transport like BUS and if you PLAN to visit this CAFE, you might need to take a CAB or if you are having LOCAL friend; then should be NO problem for you.ㅋㅋ DAHLIA cafe is NOT only famous for its COFFEE in Gimhae, the LOCATION for this cafe is one of  FAVORITE SPOT for LOCAL to relax and enjoy. ^^

As it LOCATED on top of hill, the atmosphere is BETTER and CHILLING. FREE from hustling bustling of city. At this CAFE, I had LATTE, my Gimhae friend had GREEN TEA LATTE which is I found its a bit WEIRD,ㅋㅋ another one having CHOCOLATE as he's NOT a fan of COFFEE.ㅋㅋ Plus a slice of CHEESE cake to enjoy with our beverage! Simply the best! Nyum!냠 ^^

p/s: It's been quite long, but the memory still fresh as if it YESTERDAY! ^^~ If any of  you plan to  
       go to GIMHAE, maybe you can try COFFEES at this cafe! I can't find their OFFICIAL page, but I just found this at facebook, feel free to check~

p/s: RAMADHAN coming soon, for MUSLIM readers, Ramadhan Kareem, lets improve ourselves and be a BETTER MUSLIM. Forgive all my mistakes,if i ever hurt your feeling through my entry.~