Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heritage: Korean Traditional Clothing??

Every country have their own traditional clothes, including South Korea. Do you know what was it name?? For those who ever visited South Korea or really keen about Korea surely they will know about this. Still thinking what was it name?? Too lazy to Google it?? Hmm let me give you some clue then, it start with H! Anyone knows??

1,2,3, ahhh no one answer ㅠㅠ! It's name is
Hanbok. During Chosun Dynasty, Hanbok widely wear as semi-formal or formal clothes on festival or special celebration and even some of them wear it everyday too! However these days most of Korean wearing  Hanbok during special occasion such as on Chuseok day, Seollal (New Year's Day in Korean Calendar), traditional wedding and funeral.For babies, normally their parent will let them wear during their 1st Year Birthday.

Korean Traditional wear consist of several layers while modern Hanbok have been modify and does not exactly follow the basic style during Chosun Dynasty. Anyway I'm not really good at explaining about Hanbok. If you wanna know more about it, visit  these : Hanbok-Wikipedia , Hanbok  The Story of Hanbok

When I was at Korea, I once wore Hanbok and I felt delightful as those colors suit me! Hahhah!! ^^ Anyway for those who plan to visit South Korea, do not miss a chance to wear Hanbok!! It is one of MUST  TRY activity while you are there! If you plan to try hanbok for free you can check it out here: Trying Hanbok for FREE, and some guesthouse may provide this activity for free, you should ask them first. I try my hanbok for free at our guesthouse: Lazybird Guesthouse

Girl/Women Hanbok

Baby Hanbok

Men Hanbok

Me ^^

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Culture: Important aspect always been ask by KOREAN!

In Western culture, zodiac sign plays quite important roles for them. What about South Korea then?? For those who living at Korea or who ever visit to South Korea, have you ever encounter with this question "What is your blood type?" At first, may be you will think "huh?? What does that matter to you??"

Don't feel awkward if you ever encounter with this question by Korean, its not that they asking you to give your blood to them! It's just their culture, a common question,one of important aspect for them. For them knowing your blood types can reveal what kind of person you are. However personally I think some of it were true or coincidentally and some were not. Sometimes its depend on environment and upbringing, as people change so do their personal traits too.

However, lets just take a look at the fact about blood type and its personal traits. For Korean women, men with B blood type acquired a very negative reputation. Most of girl and women will stay away from men with B type. Poor them. Hahha!! Well, based on my experienced, its not that they didn't have good qualities but yes it is true men with B type are...... How about watching " My Boyfriend is Type B" Hahha! Then you will get the answer. Its hard to describe!LOL (not every one of them I guess :P)

For person with A type or known as the farmers, their best traits are conservative, calm, responsible, introverted, reserved, patient, punctual and incline to be perfectionist. Apart from that, they were shy, and a good listener! Their worst traits are obsessive, overcautious, sensitive, stubborn, self-conscious and uptight. Wonder who are Korean artists or celebrities with A type?? They are Big Bang's G-Dragon, Beast's Lee Ki Kwang, an actor Lee Min Ho, and actress Ha Ji Won.

What about B type?What are their best qualities? For those B type or known as hunter, they are creative, flexible, free-spirited, loving, passionate,unpredictable and optimistic. Their worst traits are forgetful, irresponsible and self-centered. Some Korean celebrities with B type include Kim Hyun Joong, Hyun Bin and SNSD's Yoona.

While AB type or known as the humanist, they were says to received mix personality as A and B. Their best traits are cool, rational, highly organized, emphatic and talented. Some of their worst traits are indecisive, unforgiving, and aloof. Korean celebrities with AB type are Park Jin Young (JYP), 2PM's Taecyeon, and Wonder Girls' Sohee. Another funny fact is Korean usually categorized people with AB as either a genius or an idiot!Hahha!

The last type is O. What are best traits for O types? For those who is O or known as warrior, their best traits include friendly, outgoing, self-confident, ambitious, goal-oriented, responsible,very creative and always seems to be the center of attention and born to be a natural leader. Their worst traits are vain, arrogant, insensitive, careless and jealous. Korean celebrities of O type include JYJ's Yoochun, Shinee's Onew, f(x)'s Sulli and actress Kim Tae Hee as well Park Min Young.

p/s: Check your blood type and lets' see whether those personal traits match or not :P Anyone knows my blood type?? ^^**

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Korean Food: My favorite Korean Drink a.k.a Banana Milk!!!

I still remember my first reaction when I was introduced to Banana Milk! I was like huh?? Banana Milk?? I've never heard about this drink before.Is it tasty?? I do eat banana sometimes but I'm not addicted to it. Hahha!

At first I'm a bit hesitate to try it and I choose Soy Black Bean. After been coax by my cousin for a while I decided to take a sip.. I told myself, hey! just try once; you won't die after trying it! Bring it on!! ;) At the first sip I was "
Whooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! How come I only know this now? I've never taste any better than this drink before!??!

That first reaction lead me to
become addicted to it! Hahha ^^! Once I touch down at Incheon Airport last time, I straightly heading to one of their convenient store to buy my banana milk! Instead of looking for a map on my mind was just BANANA MILK! BANANA UYU! Hahahha!!!

When I was at Seoul, I kept drink Banana Milk
all the time!! Hahhaha ^^ Anyway I know people always telling this "if you go to South Korea, try their Soju". Well in my case, I can't try that, but its OK I have my own favorite drink! ^^**

These days wherever I go, I keep looking for banana milk. Hahha! I even once asking my sister friend to buy for me as she was at Seoul last time! Hahha! Sound crazy enough??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Anyway I am looking forward for my upcoming trip to Seoul and yes
BANANA MILK is on my top priority list!!! Hahhaha!! ^^~~~~~~

p/s: If you at South Korea make sure to TRY this, but don't blame me if anyone of you become addicted! :P

Friday, March 8, 2013

Heritage: Hanok!

For those who ever been to South Korea, did anyone of you miss to visit one of MUST VISIT place over there? I knew most of you will asking which place is that? There are so many MUST VISIT places in Seoul itself!!

Yes I'm just telling about Seoul just now not the other province ^^. Well some Koreans telling me this "if you been here but you didn't go to this place then your travelogue is incomplete!" so I replied, "meaning I got some more reasons to come back! ^^ Hahah!"

Places I'm talking about is Korean Traditional House or better known as Hanok. Korean architecture is so special as they considerate the surrounding around them, which is land and seasons. They also using 온돌 "Ondol" system which is heating system during winter seasons. These days not only Hanok is provided with ondol system but most of their apartment was equip with this system too :D

For my last visit, I decided to stay at Hanok for a week. It was best experience ever! ^^ Honestly when we reached at our Hanok, we got some kind of culture shock to see the connecting door was lock using spoon??!! Hahah! That's was our first time seeing it ^^. Then we've been quite struggling to find the lock for our room's door and we wonder is it safe if we sleep at night without lock our sliding door (room door). O_o.

After looking here and there finally we found out how to lock our room door! Hahah! One more fancy fact about Korean housing, even if you stayed at Hanok it still using digital door lock or key less door lock for the main door! Meaning you need to know the password to enter ^^*


p/s: Visiting Hanok is one of MUST if you coming to South Korea! I was staying at one of famous hanok village (they shoot some Korean drama around this village) ^^* Anyone can guess which hanok village I'm staying and what drama they shooting??

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seasons: Spring has come!

Time flies so fast, its already spring in South Korea! A lovely seasons after a cold and unfavorable seasons for most Korean. It's been a year since my last visit. I bet a lot of changes happens here and there. For that I am eager to come back again on this autumn. This time would be different where I will travelling alone for the first time ever!

Compare to last year, I prepared so much before going and I got helps a lot from someone but for this year
no more helps I guess. I need to do all by myself. Well yes I do get some helps from new friends and I really thankful them for that.

can't imagine what would be my reaction for this upcoming visit if I go to the same place. Same place on different seasons that would be fun but with someone else or alone that's quite.... I just hope i won't cry going to those place again...

P/s: Enjoy your Spring time with your love one :D