Friday, June 28, 2013

Korean Food: Only Available during SUMMER???

Summer came again!!! Owhh its already a year! T.T I experienced early summer at Korea on 2012. I thought it would be a bit chilly and not heating much compared to my lovely country but I was WRONG!! o_O!!! The temperature is slightly low compared to my country, its around 23-28 degrees. However its felt like living in desert!! 

Believe me or not, compared to my country, even though the degree is around 31-36 Celsius we didn't felt like living at desert!! After figure out what was the reason, then I found out something. It is because of the cloud. At Korea there are less cloud, it's just blue sky while at my country there are lots of cloud and that's create humid or mist. 

Normally during hot weather, people will grab ice cream to cooling themselves. Yes most of Korean do that too but do you know that there is special dessert during SUMMER at Korea?? and most Korean prefer that rather than ice cream! They called it as Patbingsoo. :D These days there are lots of modern version patbingsoo but make sure to try the original version! Most of my Korean friends told me that the original one taste better. However I know every people have their own preference. How about trying both??? That's sound better isn't it?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The original patbingsoo consist of ice shaving and sweetened  azuki bean known as pat (). For modern version, some vendors topped ice shaving with ice cream, frozen yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, fruits syrup, fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, bananas,small pieces of tteok (rice cake) chewy jelly bits and cereal flakes. If you plan to do it at home you also can put chocolate bar or cookies. 

Actually at my country, we have our own version. This dessert seems similar with patbingsoo but we called it as "Ais Kacang or Air batu campur". For our version, we put nuts,lychee, jelly grass, "cendol", corn and lots more as it topped. ^^.. Both were nyum nyum!!! Different version of dessert yet with the same purpose! 

Original patbingsoo

modern patbingsoo

original ais kacang

modern ais kacang

p/s:  If you travel to South Korea and Malaysia, grab those out when you get a chance!! Supper Yummy!!! ^^


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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dating Tips: Korean Couple Culture

In Korea, couple items are almost every where. Compare to any other countries, you can see this culture at almost every part of Korea! For foreigner they might be surprised when they seeing this for the first time but it is normal! 

If you look around at Seoul, you can see lots of couples wearing couple t-shirt, sneakers or cap. Those are some example of couple items. These days, some of them having couple cellphone strap, couple key holders, couple phone casing, couple watch or even couple cellphone?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Isn't it too much??

For some foreigner, they might think that this kind of attitudes seems  like they wanna show off or telling entire world that "this person is MINE." However, personally I think its just the way to show their affection towards each other. ^^

I agree, let say if they wearing couple t-shirt every time they meet up is kind of too much!! @_@ Moreover, if they go to the same place every time, I guess people around that area might feel wanna puke after seeing those lovey dovey birds. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Thinking about this, makes me remember something! I still remember when the first time I met my Ex back at Seoul. We didn't plan or tell each other about what color of shirt we going to wear for our first meeting but it turn out to be same color!! Funny but it was one of sweet memory for us. ^^ 

Then when we went traveling together, again we wore same color of shirt for whole travel period!! We didn't plan or tell each other about it but when we met early morning at lobby we was like ??? Hahhah!! same color again??? LOL! We also have couple key holders plus couple cellphone brand and color. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

p/s: Even though its over between us, will cherish every moment together till the end of my life. ^^ Thanks for everything..

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guideline: Korean Online Shopping Spree!!! ^^

Do you know that many Korean love internet shopping mall?? Wonder what is it??
Well we were familiar with online shopping term isn't it??? Actually it is a same thing, but Korean call it as internet shopping mall. ^^

I am aware that these days online shopping is an ordinary activities and is applicable in most countries. However do you know that in Korea they can buy almost EVERYTHING online?? Just name it and prepare your cash!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

If you read my other post, Korean studying and working hours, you will get surprise about how hectic their life schedule are!! O_O Sometimes I still ask them "how do you guys arrange your hectic life schedule"??  They also have no idea about it, they just told me " life is so competitive at Korea, so we need to do everything in hurry!! We already get used to it!" 

Since they have hectic schedule, they have less time for shopping ㅠㅠ. As internet shopping was boomed around year 1999 at Korea, everybody try it and these days it become daily life routine activities. There are 2 giant internet shopping mall at Korea, which is Gmarket and Auction.These two companies were originally owned by Korean.  Gmarket started their business on year 2000. On 2001, ebay bought auction. Then both company merged together on 2011.

How about groceries?? You can get it via online too at Korea!!! Just browsing emart ^^ Fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs or even meals! Ohhh My!!!!!! Amazing!! If I live at Korea, I guess my eyes would be @_@!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Another reasons why Korean love internet shopping mall is, for some product, the price of it were relatively more cheapest compare if you get it at store!! What about shipping fees?? There are some product didn't include shipping fees!! Weeee ^^ How lucky they are!! I envy that!!!! Grrrr >_<

For those who living outskirt of Seoul, they can get anything without even go to Seoul! Sometimes some product, they can't get it at small city or town but they can get it through internet shopping mall ^^. This internet shopping mall is applicable throughout South Korea!!! For people who living in rural area, as long they have internet access they also can enjoy this too!! However for shipping fees, its going to be a bit expensive. For what ever reasons are, they were so lucky to have all these application! It really help them.

p/s: There are so many internet shopping mall at Korea, and the market is very competitive! I hope one day we got it too here at my beloved country!

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Korean Application: Kakaotalk vs LINE

Still received plain text on your smartphone?? Feel bored looking at it??? How about giving a try to some new instant messenger?? ^^ These days, there are few instant messengers that been circulated around!! Just name it, Kakaotalk, LINE, WeChat, Whats app and so on. Most of it provide quite similar services which is free voice call and animated text.

However do you know which one of these instant messengers received the
most attention at South Korea??? It's KAKAOTALK!! Weeee ^^ .LINE was created by Naver (Korean Company) but actually it was created by Naver Japan which is subsidiary company of Naver. That's one of the reasons LINE received huge attention at Japan compare to Korea. 

For most Korean, instant messengers were includes as one of their
daily life routine. I got a lot of Korean friends so I ask them, which one instant messenger they prefer. When I ask them about LINE, their reaction was like LINE??? What is that?? ㅋㅋㅋ. Out of 20 of my Korean friends, only 2 use LINE, but both of them also use Kakaotalk. ^^

One of reason why Korean prefer Kakaotalk, is when smartphone arrived,
Kakaotalk is the FIRST instant messenger that been introduced. Since there is NO competitor (at that time) Kakaotalk dominate instant messenger market at Korea. Since they dominate the market, Kakaotalk improved a lot of its services includes provide free voice call, plus friends, group chat, kakaostory, kakaostyle, Kakao Games and they plan to introduce some new services within this year. 

One of their service which is KakaoStory set a benchmark of 10 million download within 8 days launching. !! Another service that set a record is a game called "Anipang". This game become a national game at Korea, if you were in subway or bus, you can see most of Korean enjoy playing this game. Don't be surprise if you saw old generation or celebrity playing this game too!! ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I used both of these services, Kakaotalk and LINE, but yes I
prefer more on Kakaotalk. Kakaotalk provide many stickers and emoticon for FREE compare to LINE!! Another pros' of using Kakaotalk is they will NEVER reveal where you are compare to LINE. LINE was actually created for locating people. However for me of course I don't want to reveal where I am to everyone because it may attract stalker or put me in danger!!


p/s: Most of Korean really restricted on their privacy life, so that's another reason they prefer KAKAOTALK! ^^ Let's katalk everybody ^^ 

Sorry I can't attach LINE CF, due to copy infringement, but you guys still can catch it up on YouTube isn't it?? :P


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guideline: Finding Halal Korean packaging food at Mart???

A year ago, before I went to Korea; me and my two travel mate Google for packaging food that we can consume while we were there.  Then we brought like a stake of papers consist of HALAL food listing!! Hahha! We felt like wanna trying everything but as Muslim we need to be really careful about food consuming while we abroad.

As my trip is coming soon, I am thinking about google once again for those halal food list (I lost the list) ㅠㅠ but today I found something on internet! A new application on android for checking "haram" ingredient on food packaging! Yay!! so no need for me to google about it anymore! What a bless! ^^

This application was recently built by Pakistani who living at Korea. By downloading this application it can help us as Muslim while buying food (food packaging) at mart. Currently, it is best applicable in English and Korean. However I believe the creator will update and make it applicable in other language soon. ^^

I have downloaded it and tried this morning, it works! ^^ I tried to scan on Korean candy wrap. ^^ You can find and download this application on Google Play by searching this: I only eat Halal

p/s: Please spread this new application so that it can benefits other Muslim who plan to travel to South Korea or living in there. This application also good for vegetarian ^^

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life: What is a mandatory for every KOREAN MEN???

Do you know that every healthy Korean men have a mandatory duty once in their life time?? This mandatory duty also known as Military Service. Normally when Korean guys turn to 18 they will ask to go for fully medical check up to ensure if they are qualify for military service. After medical check up they can apply either to be in army, navy or air force but not all of them will be selected according to their preference. Most of Korean men will received their notice of enlistment in between the age of 19 to 21 years old.

After received their notice of enlistment, they
can postpone it for few times, depend on certain reasons but still they need to complete it no matter what or else imprisonment!! T.T. For more information on some of qualified reasons to postpone, check it out here. Rule for postpone Military Service Most of them prefer to join in military service at age of 21-22, on first or second year of university. Every branch have different duration to complete military service. For army, they need to complete it in 21 months, navy will complete their military service in 23 months, air force and civil service have 24 months to complete their military service while special civil service completed in 30,34 or 36 months

During their military service, they will get a compensation but its not high enough. For every Korean men, experiencing in military service is the most hardest period in their life time and due to this they really appreciate what they learn while in base camp!!. Even though they completed their military service, they still need to attend for reservation for few years. Here are information about these. Reservist Training Hours

For more information, read it at  Korean Military Service

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