Friday, November 30, 2012

Places: Welcome to Everland! A magical World of adventures and excitement!!

During weekend most of Korean love to enjoy or spent their time at theme park.The most biggest and famous theme park at South Korea is Everland, where it was located at Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. Everland is operated by Samsung Everland which is one of subsidiary of Samsung group.

Everland can be divided into five attractions which includes Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zootopia. For more Everland information, please visit their site:              

  Everland Resort              

As South Korea is a four seasons country, Everland also change according to four seasons. They also add up Halloween as one of their theme. For the time being, I only went there once. I went to Everland on Spring, so the whole of Everland were covered up with flowers! I really love the flower scent and its ambiance ^_^. I saw one of my favorite flowers for the first time over there! If only I could bring back those Tulips!!! ^^~

However, during my visit I am not feeling well. Due to fever I couldn't enjoy any games, end up just sit on the bench and took a lot of photos!! My two travel mates enjoy those games. For those who plan to visit Everland, you guys should ride on T-Express. Everland T-Express is the 6th longest wooden coaster in the world at 5838 feet!! I guess if I'm riding this that day, I might get a heart attack!! hahah 

p/s: Anyway, Everland is one of must visit attraction if you plan to visit South Korea. This theme park is for everybody, bring your kids, parent, friends, partner to enjoy it together. :D

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm in Love with Yiruma!

I believe every one of us have our own tendency in choosing music to hear off. Since I was a kid, whenever I was given a music instrument I always choose piano or keyboard (kids version) rather than guitar, violin, clarinet or any other musical instrument. However I never attend any professional musical classes.

Some people says whenever we choose music instrument it will show what kind of person we are but I am not sure whether its true or not. People says if you choose Piano, it means you were quietly person, if you choose xylophone it shows that you kind of often irritable and hyperactive person.

Even if it was true, I am not really keen on that secret revealing all I care is I fall in love with those music notes (even though I didn't know how to read it) ^^~~ I love to hear any piano melody especially when I get stressful, for me piano melody is one of my therapy. Recently I found out about Yiruma, a South Korean pianist. I felt in love at the first sight when I heard his music! People always get wrong information about him,as his name is Yiruma; he always mistakenly known as Japanese.

These days I hear his music all the time and it makes me calm and focus on my works. Out of hundreds of his pieces my favorite is Kiss the rain. My friend telling me, this melody seems a sad melody, why would you love this?? Well sorry mate I don't have any answer for that, I just love his music! haha..

P/S: I didn't own this music or videos. Just Enjoy!^^

Credit to the artist: Yiruma 
Video Credit: xXYuNPoOXx

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Special Event : 11/11 Pepero Day!

Have you guys heard about Pepero Day?? Wonder what is Pepero Day? Pepero Day is one of a kind celebration that will be held every 11/11 in South Korea. This celebration was start on 1994 around Busan. 11/11 was chosen as it resembles of four sticks of Pepero. During this celebration normally people will exchanging boxes of Pepero Sticks, other candies or romantic gifts with their close or loves one. For teenagers exchanging Pepero is some kind of symbolic of wishing a person who received Pepero sticks will grow as tall as slender just like the Pepero.

However in some other countries they believe whenever we saw
11/11 (these numbers) in any other forms means someone miss us!

Anyway Pepero is one of my favorite of all time!^^~~ Till then Happy Pepero Day to all!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Unknown: Get influence by K-Drama??

Winter Sonata is the first K-drama I've been watch and it still listing as number one in my K-Drama list. Since that, I kept watching K-Drama whenever I got a chance. From two become three and the list still goes on! Sometimes people asking me what is the best about K-Drama compared to others? For those whom not watching K-Drama, it's not that easy to explain to them.

Whenever I tried to explain to them, they will telling me this "Ahhhh, first thing must be the actors looks that captured your heart isn't it?" Well it's true, this can be include in my reasons but my main reason for becoming K-Drama fans is I like the way they showing their family values, friendship relations and so on.

However  a lots of people always get a wrong perception when it comes to romance scene, most of Korean drama showing that Korean guy is the most romantic person on earth! Let me being honest with you guys, for me dealing with Korean man is the most unbelievable experience. I knew lots of people may disagree with my statement but its my own experienced. Don't get me wrong, I am not a racist person and Yes I agree that some of them were romantic but some of them were not, perhaps I meet a wrong person ^^~ Hahah! After all, I still learnt a lot from him. ^^~Thanks for let me learning such  priceless experience! Daebak!

p/s: Those experience is priceless! Be it good or bad.ㅋㅋㅋ

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Winter Sonata

These days K-Wave is almost everywhere. Wherever we go we can see this K-Wave influence even though we were not in Seoul. I still remember how I start to know about South Korea. It was about 10 years ago, where one of their most hit drama aired in my country. The catchy name of Winter Sonata bring luck to them. This drama not only promote South Korea as generally but it also promote the place for the drama scene, their culture, Korean cuisine and lots more.

Naminara Republic or Nami Island is a top priority of must go destination if you visit South Korea. I've been there and when I see the place for the drama scene, it's feel like I was in that drama even though I went there on spring! ^^~ People telling me if you want to feel exactly like in that drama scene you should come during Winter. I wish I can visit Nami Island again in the future with someone that I love.

Apart from the drama scene place, there are other attractions at Nami Island. They have butterfly park, and lots more. However as a main attraction, you can see the big board of Winter Sonata actor and actress and their gallery, don't miss a chance to snap a picture at these main attraction!