Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dating Tips: Mildang??!!!! 밀당??!

Have anyone of you heard about Mildang term before?? Well if you were trying to look inside dictionary stop it right there because you just waste your time! Hahhah! ^^ You won't find it in English dictionary however I never tried to look it at Korean dictionary though. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

What is "Mildang"?? and why it is popular among Korean?? Mildang is a situation where two people in a pull and push skills or known as the combination of flirting and power struggle.  Anyway Mildang is a new term that been used by modern Korean society. If you ask old Korean they might not knowing about this much. Mildang culture was spread out widely due to Korean drama that been aired around the world. If you were Korean fanatic drama fans, you will notice that most of Korean drama at least have this kind of scene once or twice.

People asking me did I have a boy friend? Yes I have a lot of boy friends but for special one I also can't answer it as I am experiencing Mildang term with someone. Hahha ^^*, when I'm asking to Korean about my confusing status, they explain me about Mildang! Hahah!! so from them I known this term.. Mildang is also a way of showing having a relationship with someone but refused to admit it publicly

People might be wonder why some of Korean refused to admit in relationship publicly that's including me! I once ask him the reason of not admitting it, he also can't give me the correct answer but he did explain to me some of the reasons. Anyway even if some of outsiders think that he's such a jerk to me but only me know him better than anyone else! Telling you the truth sometimes when I think about those Mildang games it make me sick but on the other part of it, Mildang makes our relationship full of surprise! ^^~~~

 p/s: I just pray the best for us! 사랑해요 ^^~~~

Sunday, February 3, 2013

TV Program: Vitamin!

People always asking me what kind of TV show or channel you watch lately? My answer is I watched KBS World or SBS (only these two Korean channel I get at home) ㅠ ㅠ, I wish I can get other channels too so I can enjoy more! Hearing my answer, their reaction would be " hahah!! you watching too much Korean show, do you know their language??" Did their TV programs are attractive enough and seems try to turn you to be Korean?" 

How come their TV program turn me to be Korean?? I was born in Malaysia, no matter how much I love Korean culture but that doesn't mean I can become Korean now!! I am Malaysian and I am proud to be Malaysian. It's just I love their culture and I am not trying to be one of them!. 

Back to my topic, I watch their program as some of their program is really different from here, for example Vitamin, this program is about healthy program, at Malaysia, as far as I know, I never seen this kind of show, most of our show here is related to reality program, musical, sport and cooking. 

Normally healthy show would be such a boring, and serious show but this show is different. They produce the program into fun way and as viewers we can learn so much on how to maintain our own health. I felt this kind of program really benefits viewers.

Check this out, for more information :

 source: kenzoreipdjwy jang