Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guideline: T Money

For any travelers (who love to travel free and easy), before going travel you need to check what thing that you can use to reduce your budget while travelling abroad. Have anyone of you travel to South Korea before?? I know some people may telling this, South Korea, almost everything is quite expensive there.Well, Yes I'm agree with that.. ㅠㅠ However for me if I go travel I will definitely trying new things, because sometimes those thing you cannot get it anywhere, you just can get it at their own country!^^  but then as Muslim of course I will see it in my religion perspective before trying it out :)

Ahhhh we should talk about things that can reduce your budget while travelling at South Korea!! Not mumbling about other unnecessary topic! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ For those who ever travel to South Korea they might know about this, T-Money. What is T-Money?? and how does its looks like?? T-Money can be found in form of card, watches, dolls, MP3 players, portable money sticks, rings, landyard on phone and bands that contain T-Money chip. Those form or T-Money are on sale with a different price. For cards, you can get it 3000 won per card. For landyard on phone the price of each is around 6000-8000 won. For more information you can check it out here. T-Money Guide

T-Money is a smart devices that can be use to pay public transport fees around Seoul and some selected place at South Korea. T-Money is applicable in subway, bus, cab and some convenient store who had T-Money logo.Actually T-Money had been implemented as to reduce the traffic at subway station. T-Money is a user friendly, all you need to do is just purchase it at any store who had T-Money logo displayed and recharge it. You can reload it at T-Money vending machine too (around subway station).

How can you reduce your cost by using it??? Well normally if you use T-Money they will provide you a discount, let say the full fees is 1000 won, by using T-Money you only pay at 900 won. Seems small amount isn't it????  but what if you use T-Money few times a day?? Isn't it cut your travel cost??Regarding on step to use it, you can refer to the link I gave above. The best part of it is, there is NO expired date for T-Money ^^.. So you still can use it even if you keep it with you (if you are foreigner and bring it back home) whenever you go back to South Korea! If you feel not keeping it, you can return it at convenient store (displayed T-Money logo) and get some cash as refundable but I'm not sure about the amount you can get it back.. ㅠㅠ

p/s: This is my T-Money card and I love the design so much!!  Furthermore, it was in my favorite color!! My Korean friends told me its a rare design and some of them wanna buy from me LOL, even if they wanna pay it for high price I WON'T sell it to them! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm in love with my T-Money card! Hahhah!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Korean Food: 반찬 : Pajeon

Have anyone of you try Korean cuisine before?? If you go to Korea, you might surprised seeing their dining table! 0_O Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with their table setting ^^~~ its just their eating session seems like having a fiesta!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Kimchi is a must in every meals and of course along with a lot of banchan (반찬) ^^!! Eating Korean cuisine in my country is different compare to what I had in Korea, over here I just ordered a main dishes, and usually they just bring along  kimchi as 반찬, only that. V_V However at Korea, your 반찬 are half of your table!!! @_@

One of popular banchan is Jeon. Jeon is also known as pancake in Korea. Korean have few types of pancake including pajeon, bindaetteok, hotteok and hwajeon. Apart from these four type, I just tried pajeon and hotteok. Both were super yummy and mouth watering!! ^^

As I was craving for Korean food today, I decided to cook it by myself! ^^* After Google for pajeon recipe  and watch it via Youtube, I make my first attempt! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Here some photo for you my dear readers!^^

How to make a pajeon??? Watch this video ^^

p/s: I didn't use seafood as there is no stock at home so I just used sausage. Hahhah! Try it when you free!! ^^

Video Credit: The Taste of Korea
Sources: Korean Pancake

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Special Event: Parent Day

On 12 May every year, mothers' day will be celebrated worldwide however do you know that Korean didn't celebrate it?? For Korean there is no Mothers' day or Fathers' day instead they celebrate both together on 8 May. This celebration called as Parent Day.

During parent day, kids will give their parent a carnation. Hmmm interesting, but why Carnations and not any others flowers?? I kept asking my Korean friends but they also have no idea about the reason giving their parent a carnations.. Hahhaha! so I Google and found out about it. ^^ Carnations is a flower of the Gods (from Greek words). Giving a parent a carnation is a token to show kids respect to their parent

Last year I was at Seoul during parent day, looking at those carnation bouquet makes me think "if only my mom was here! I would like to buy her lots of carnation!" but then she was not there at that time ㅠㅠ, so I just kept looking at it. :(

This year I celebrate mothers' day earlier, it was a week ago. My mom birthday is on 7th, so my little brother and I went out to buy a cake for her. When I was a kid I love to draw or making a card for my parent during their birthday, mothers' day or fathers' day. Really enjoying doing that, I just hope one day I will get it too from my own blood ^^~~  

p/s: Appreciate parent when they are still here with us ^^

Sources credited: Kimipakchwe
                           Kate Bruscke

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meeting with a KOREAN ^^

Last year on 3rd May, I was in Korea, enjoying my trip together with the other two girls ^^ What about this year??? 2013?? On the same date I was here at Malaysia and one of my KOREAN friend came over for meeting me ^^*. Hahah! I guess my ties with Korean were so good, everywhere I go there is something about Korean related to me! LOL

Even though our meeting starts with raining, we were really enjoy for the whole weekend! ^^ This was the first time meeting but we didn't feel awkward at all! We chatting a lot as if there is no tomorrow! Hahhaha! 

Then I invite my close friend, and three of us enjoying sunny Saturday. We brought him to some of popular spot at Kuala Lumpur. As Sunday was general election day so there were not many people at Kuala Lumpur. What a great day, we stroll around freely ^^!

We also
let him try some local food such as "keropok lekor, roti canai and otak-otak". Besides we let him try our local fruit too such as pineapple and guava. He seems enjoying a lot! We reach our guesthouse at night, a bit tired but it was great! ^^

Finally, its time for me to
depart, I felt everything in between. I wish I could stay longer as he's still here for few days but I didn't have any other choice... :( Before left we had our last breakfast of "Roti sardin" together. Then he walk me to the bus station and wait for a bus together. What a very sad moment! :(

p/s: He choose this menu for me ^^, and sorry I can't put our picture here.. Too many stalkers soon.. Hahha!! I just wish I can see him again when I'm at Korea soon!