Thursday, May 18, 2017

Event/Trend: 2017 Seoul Rose Festival

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It's been a WHILE since my LAST post, I'm BACK! How are you guys DOING? I hope all of you in the PINK of health~ ^^

Its already MAY, almost HALF of the year 2017, time flies so FAST!O-o Half year GONE!ㅠㅠ As SPRING will CLOSE its CURTAIN soon, there are many EVENTS to attend at KOREA, if you are there now. For those in SEOUL this WEEKEND,if you are TIRED with normal TOURISTIC spot or BASIC itinerary you can CHANGE your mind! How about catch up with 2017 SEOUL ROSE FESTIVAL?

This festival will START on 19 May to 21 May 2017. The LOCATION of this festival is JUNGNANG-GU Seoul. How about the ADMISSION fees? No WORRIES, this festival is FREE for all EXCEPT if you wanna JOIN some EXPERIENCE event. ROSE, we all know that this flowers create such ROMANTIC atmosphere isn't it?, however this event NOT mainly for COUPLES only!ㅋㅋㅋ This event can be PARTICIPATED by ALL age, including KIDS as there are VARIETY programs that every level AGE can ENJOY

For those who wanna make a SURPRISE event for your LOVE one you may bring HER here! ^^ Another GOOD news is, for SEOUL residents that keen on SELECTED item at participating STORES, you will get 20% DISCOUNT upon receiving ROSE STAMPS during the festival period. Wow!! 대박!

STROLLING around the 5.15 km ROSE tunnel without a CHILL beverage might makes you TIRED! ㅋㅋ How about ANOTHER surprise for your LOVE one?? O-o In CONJUNCTION of this EVENT and month of MAY (ROSES), you might wanna COMPLETE the romantic atmosphere by buying ROSE LEMONADE at G25 too! This rose lemonade is a LIMITED edition during this May and its just 1000 WON per can!!

p/s: NO plan for this WEEKEND? What are you waiting for?? JOIN this event with your LOVE one and create BEAUTIFUL moment together. The LOCATION can be reached by SUBWAY too. For more INFORMATION about the event, you can read here. 


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