Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Places: Seoul! City of Art!

Time flies so fast, even though my last trip to Korea was 6 months ago, I still remember every single thing while I am there. Thinking of those past memories makes me missing Seoul so much!! Travelling to South Korea is actually my first ever trips to overseas. I went to Singapore when I was a kid but I didn't count it as I went there with my parent and I don't have to prepare every single things, all I know was when I opened my eyes I reached Singapore.

However my trip to Korea is different, where I have
to plan everything from accommodation, attraction places to visit, schedules, how to get Halal food (as I am a Muslim), transportation mode, financial and lots more. Even though it was hard at the beginning but at the end I am satisfied with it and now I am looking forward for my next trip to Seoul again. :D This time it's going to be more challenging as I will going solo! ^^

Anyway for travelers who plan to visit Korea, there is one place that you guys
MUST stop by. It's the City of Art. I knew it's sound cheesy as every country have their own city of art but for Seoul, their city of art is INSA-DONG. If you looking for a souvenir to bring back home, Insa-dong is the best place for it!^^  In this street, there is a mall that gathered small art kiosks under one roof. The name of it is Ssamgil, in here you can see a lot of cute art pieces either modern art or traditional art.

Besides that, along way of this street, you can see a
row of shops selling souvenirs at  a cheap price compare to other flea market or other place. Most of the time this place were full with crowds especially during weekend. If you stop by here make sure to buy Korean Chopstick, a pack of chopstick (a pair of chopstick) normally will include with their unique spoon. It only cost you around 1000 won!

Insa-dong also famous with Art Gallery, and a place for Korean traditional cuisine. Street food is also available here!! Give a try for those mouth watering hotteok! Really miss it!! Not only that, don't miss a chance too see a group of local prepared Korean cuisine in a funny way!! (sadly I forgot what was it name)
:( If you get a chance to mingle around here makes sure to enter those small path too,those small path usually hide the best place for Korean traditional cuisine! My Korean friend told me that ^_^ and don't worry as far as I'm concerned South Korea is one of most safest country to travel either on your own or with groups!

p/s: Enjoy your trip to South Korea guys!!


  1. Nice posting. I've felt what you felt in Insa-dong of Seoul. And I'm surprised that you're scheduled to visit Korea alone. Nice try!

    1. hehe ^^, thank you :) yah and I am looking forward for my upcoming trip! Wish I can meet lots of my Korean friends when I'm there including you ^^