Thursday, August 15, 2013

Special Event: 15 August O_o??

What is so special about 15 August? For those who are not really keen about Korea might not know anything about it, let's ask to any Korean or people who interested about Korea then! What happen on 15 August annually at South Korea? Anyone know the answer?

15 August is a special day in South Korea as it was a day where they were FREE from Japanese imperialism. After been colonized from Japan since 1910, finally they got their FREEDOM BACK on 15 August 1945. This special day were known as Gwangbokjeol (광복절) or literally known as Restoration of Light Day. This day were gazette as public holiday on 1949.

During this special day, normally there are some event going on like official ceremony at Independent Hall of Korea or at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. There is even a comedy movie that take Gwangbokjeol as their subject, the title of that movie is Gwangbokjeol Teuksa (Jail Breakers). If you free check it out! ^^

Apart from that, premises and home were encourage to display Taegukki (Korean flag) to show their proud and deep appreciation of being free after 40 years suffering in Japanese imperialism. Not only premises and home were encourage to display Korean flag, people were also gather at one place and shout 대한 독립만세 meaning  Hurray the independent day!!

Another  interesting fact is most public museum and places are open for free of charge, as well they can ride on public transport and intercity trains for free!! What a bless!! ^^ For more information you may check it here.

p/s: Happy Gwangbokjeol for Korean!!May Korea be blessed with eternal light forever on!!


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