Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Special Event: 1st March Movement

It's already MARCH! Time flies so FAST~ SORRY for the late entry guys, I'm NOT feeling well for these past few WEEKS. I'm getting BETTER now so I decided to WRITE today~ ㅋㅋㅋ In KOREA, 1st March is PUBLIC holiday every YEAR. What is so SPECIAL with this date? Anyone wanna make a wild GUESS?? O-o ㅋㅋ

It's actually a DAY where the FIRST INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT start on 1919 by KOREAN from JAPANESE Empire. I know some of you might CONFUSED with 15 August celebration isn't it?? Well they celebrate BOTH, but for 1st March is more known as DECLARATION of Movement (1919) while on 15 August is known as RESTORATION of LIGHT DAY, this celebration start on 1945 as a FREEDOM from Japanese during WORLD WAR 2.Both celebrations is DIFFERENT as YEARS apart but yes from SAME colonized which is JAPANESE

For this YEAR, its the 97th CELEBRATION of 1st March Movement.The 1st March Movement literally known in Korea as SAM-IL MOVEMENT. There is ANOTHER name for it which is MAN-SE Demonstration. I'm sure if you guys knows the most FAMOUS triplets in Korea, you might familiar with the words "MANSE"ㅋㅋㅋ Their father portray the BEST patriotic spirit in his triplets names, DAEHAN MINGGUK and MANSE which mean THE DEMOCRATIC NATION OF THE GREAT HAN/ REPUBLIC OF KOREA HURRAH! What a GREAT names right??! ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway BACK to our TOPIC~ SAM-IL Movement in KOREA START at SEOUL as the RESULT of repressive nature of colonial occupation under the military rule of Japanese Empire. However is it start because of that PARTICULAR reason or there is another REASONS for it??? I read some of articles about it and FOUND out that BEFORE it start in KOREA actually it was BEGIN at JAPAN itself! The movement START after KOREAN STUDENTS in TOKYO hearing a SPEECH by President Woodrow Wilson at PARIS PEACE CONFERENCE on January 1919. During the conference, President Woodrow Wilson had POINT out about the RIGHT of National SELF-DETERMINATION, as they hearing that, they PUBLISHED a statement and DEMAND FREEDOM from JAPANESE Empire. 

Apart from the SPEECH, on 21 January 1919, Emperor KOJONG, which is the FORMER 26th King of Joseon Dynasty had PASS AWAY. This incident widely known as SUSPICIOUS the DEATH of him, that he been POISONED as there are several attempt by JAPANESE rules or known as coffee plot. Due to this incident and the hearing, Koreans start to DEMAND FREEDOM from Japanese Empire following by the EVENT on 1st March. For more INFORMATION about it, you may read here.  

For this YEAR, 2016. as a DAY to commemorate the SACRIFICE of their ancestor in 1919. Seoul Metropolitan Library CHOOSE to put on their board the letters of"HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ME?" This catch phrase as referring to ONE of  SURVIVING KOREAN COMFORT WOMEN, Ms. Gil during WORLD WAR 2. The Seoul Metropolitan also put their KOREAN National Flag "TAEGUKGI" on the wall of City Hall as well ENCOURAGE citizens to SNAP photos in front of it as to SHOW that they always remembered their FALLEN PATRIOTS who fought for their country during Japanese Rules.  

P/s: When I was in KOREA, I saw many KOREAN bring their KIDS even BABIES to HISTORY PLACES in Korea, for all KOREAN, why NOT bring your KIDS or LOVE one to this HISTORICAL area during SPECIAL day like today~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

 Photo Credit: Seoulcity Korea facebook

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