Monday, October 23, 2017

Places: Seosan

It's OCTOBER now, TWO more months before 2017 FINISH. Time flies so FAST.. soon AUTUMN will arrive and spectacular COLORS will awe your EYES if you are in KOREA! I miss that FEELING, seeing orange,yellow, red and some brown foliage for the FIRST time makes me so GRATEFUL! For those who LIVE in 4 seasons countries, they might  think its NORMAL or too BORED for them, ㅋㅋ but for those who NOT living in 4 SEASONS countries, we ENVY those seasons!However during WINTER, I rather LIVE in WARM area than living in 4 seasons countries that pill up with tons of SNOW!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway I've BEEN to Korea 3 TIMES but of course there are so MANY places I HAVEN'T visit! Too bad!!ㅠㅠ GOOD news is even I CANNOT visit those, I'm LUCKY to have some KOREAN friends who sometimes TRAVEL and share their PHOTOS with me! Yay!! ^^ For today I will SHARE with you some NICE places to visit when you are in SEOSAN!Wonder where is Seosan?? Well if you see SOUTH KOREA map, you will notice CHUNGCHEONGNAM-DO. Still have NO idea??O-o Ok anyone know SONG JOONG KI? He come from DAEJEON isn't it??Daejeon is the CAPITAL city of Chungcheongnam-do. Hence SEOSAN is located in Chungcheongnam-do.

This city is very FAMOUS for 생강 (saenggang) which is GINGER. This city might be OUTCAST from many others CITIES in Korea as it is said this city is a very QUIET and unimportant city to visit. However if you looking for a laid back HISTORIC sites where ONLY known well by LOCAL, Seosan is the BEST choice! Not many FOREIGNER visit this city so you can ENJOY spending time at HISTORICAL sites without have to wait for a LONG queue or CROWDED!

But I'm NOT going to talk about those HISTORIC sites today, today I'm going to talk about DOBISAN and OKNYEONGBONG. These TWO places located at DIFFERENT area but still BOTH within SEOSAN. As AUTUMN approaching, some might thinking wanna HIKING isn't it? If its happen that you VISITING Seosan, why NOT heading to DOBISAN? Not only BEAUTIFUL scenery will AWE your eyes, if you are ADVENTUROUS person, you might CONSIDER of trying HANG GLIDER. Don't know what is hang glider?? Well lets PHOTO speak the words. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Next is OKNYEONGBONG, what is so SPECIAL about Oknyeongbong? Have anyone heard about SEOGWANGSA Temple? This temple LOCATED near Oknyeongbong. This temple was BUILT on the end of SILLA period by Great Mong Daegyeong. Seogwangsa is NOT the ORIGINAL name for this temple though, the ORIGINAL name of this temple is SAMSEONAM but its been CHANGED on 1987. Not only the FOLIAGE looks stunning here during PEAK of autumn, it also held SMALL festival of 국화 (GUKHWA) which start from 25 SEPTEMBER to 30 OCTOBER.  Lets take a look for the PHOTOS that my friend gave me! ^^

p/s: I CANNOT imagine myself doing HANG GLIDER! It's looks FUN but I think I CANNOT!ㅋㅋ

Sources: My friend

Credit Photo:
                      my friend

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