Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Culture: Kai bai bo?? ^^

Do you guys still remember what kind of games we played when we were young?? For me one of the most popular games when I was young is paper, rock and scissors games. May be some of you never heard about this game before and curious what this game all about? >_<  Following are some fact about the games.

This game were originally come from China and been spread all over Asia. Different countries have different name for this game. In South Korea, they called this game as "kai bai bo".  Normally this game be played by two person however in South Korea they played it with more than two people!!! 

What is kai, bai,bo?? Anyone knows and wanna try to guess what is it?? At Korea they order this game by "kai bai bo", kai(가위)  is scissors , bai(바위) is rock and bo () is paper. If a person shows "kai" and the other shows "bai","bai" win as it defeat "kai", if someone show "bai", while other person show "bo", "bo" would win the game. For "kai" and "bo", definitely "kai" win as scissors cut paper. Hehe ^^

Another surprisingly fact that I wanna highlight here is, may be some of you think that this game is only suitable for kids isn't it? However in South Korea, this game were so famous and become kind of national games?? @_@ It's not that they play this game at Olympic!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but this games been played by all generation!! ^^ From old citizen to the kids!!If you watch Korean games shows, they always use this game to set whose going to be first or to divide members into two groups. Some shows that always play this game is Running Man, or 1 Night 2 days.

p/s: Don't think that you are old enough to play this game! Age is just a number!!^^ so lets play this game and laugh together!! ^^

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