Friday, July 5, 2013

Places: Refreshing in downtown Seoul??

As you knew, Korean have a very super hectic schedule everyday, be as a worker or even as a student, they always run out of their time!ㅠㅠ Sometimes, I wonder how they overcome their level of stress especially living in busy city?? I asked to some of my friends and heard that some of them going to Jeju on weekend, but what about weekdays?? o_O

When I strolled around Seoul while looking for a Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) building, I found out a creek peacefully flowing downtown. Then I swipe on my phone for information and found out that it was Cheonggyecheon Stream! Seeing it for a first time really makes me wanna jump into it!! :P What a very lovely stream in hectic bustling city!!

As I reach KTO building, I just take some photos of Cheoggyecheon stream from across the road as I need to focus on my master plan. Deep down, I told myself "I'm gonna come there tomorrow or next day! I MUST come at least once before I'm leaving.." Day by days, I didn't get a chance to go there as my trip was too packed!! ㅠㅠ 

Then out of blue, my boyfriend (Ex) text me. He told me to go around Seoul with him after he finish his classes. Yay!! ^^ On my mind was "I wanna go strolling around Cheonggyecheon stream with him!" That night we strolling around here and there and find a nice place for us to chat. As we were busy talking, we didn't realize that it almost dawn!!Hahhah!! Then I told him "why don't we go to Cheonggyecheon stream to see a sunrise???

He agreed!! Yay!!! ^^ so we make a move to Cheonggyecheon stream! Seeing a fog together at Cheonggyecheon stream was the BEST moment for my entire trip! It was awesome!! While we strolling along the stream, he explain to me about Cheonggyecheon stream, the history about it, costing and everything! Its like I should make a thesis or report after that!! LOL

After take a nice walk there, come to my conclusion that Cheonggyecheon stream is a place for Korean to clear their mind after having tough day or simply the BEST place to go when life hits them! For young couple, its' feel good to go around this relaxing place together and create sweet moment with their love one! ^^

For more information about Cheonggyecheon stream, check these out! :)

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p/s: There are some special event around Cheonggyecheon stream every year. Check it out with your love one!^^


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