Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heritage: Korean Traditional Clothing??

Every country have their own traditional clothes, including South Korea. Do you know what was it name?? For those who ever visited South Korea or really keen about Korea surely they will know about this. Still thinking what was it name?? Too lazy to Google it?? Hmm let me give you some clue then, it start with H! Anyone knows??

1,2,3, ahhh no one answer ㅠㅠ! It's name is
Hanbok. During Chosun Dynasty, Hanbok widely wear as semi-formal or formal clothes on festival or special celebration and even some of them wear it everyday too! However these days most of Korean wearing  Hanbok during special occasion such as on Chuseok day, Seollal (New Year's Day in Korean Calendar), traditional wedding and funeral.For babies, normally their parent will let them wear during their 1st Year Birthday.

Korean Traditional wear consist of several layers while modern Hanbok have been modify and does not exactly follow the basic style during Chosun Dynasty. Anyway I'm not really good at explaining about Hanbok. If you wanna know more about it, visit  these : Hanbok-Wikipedia , Hanbok  The Story of Hanbok

When I was at Korea, I once wore Hanbok and I felt delightful as those colors suit me! Hahhah!! ^^ Anyway for those who plan to visit South Korea, do not miss a chance to wear Hanbok!! It is one of MUST  TRY activity while you are there! If you plan to try hanbok for free you can check it out here: Trying Hanbok for FREE, and some guesthouse may provide this activity for free, you should ask them first. I try my hanbok for free at our guesthouse: Lazybird Guesthouse

Girl/Women Hanbok

Baby Hanbok

Men Hanbok

Me ^^

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    1. Hahahh, this was taken when I was there on last year :D, suit me well isn't it?? LOL, hmmm thinking of getting one on my upcoming trip :D