Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Language: Lets learn Hangeul ^^

I believe for anyone who ever visit Seoul, they must be familiar with below statue right?? Do you know who is him? He is one of their Great King or well known as Sejong the Great King ^^. What is so great about him and why I choose to write about him today??? Is it his birthday?? No, no! Even if I ask my Korean friends I think they also not sure when he was born. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Its a day where Korean government have gazette 9 October every year as public holiday (start again this year).This is because to commemorate Hangeul Language day. What is the relation of Hangeul day with King Sejong then?? Anyone knows??O-o....  King Sejong is the one who responsible to develop and design the Hangeul language.

If we compare Hangeul with any other Asian writing system such as Japanese and Chinese, personally I think Hangeul writing system is easier. I know some of you might think different right? Well during my university days, I took Mandarin (Chinese) as my third language.

When I'm comparing these two writing system I found out that Hangeul is easier to write compare to Mandarin. However if we look at reading perspective, Mandarin words are easier to read compare to Hangeul. Originally there are 28 letters in Hangeul but these days they only use 24 consonants and vowel that they are using is similar with Roman alphabet. For more information about Hangeul history you can refer here. For those who interested to learn Hangeul, you can learn it here. Here another site you can learn Hangeul.

Sejong The Great statue

History of Hangeul writing system statue

Hangeul Writing system

My own Hangeul Notes

p/s: Hangeul language is easy and fun! I just took 2 days to remember all consonants and vowels ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. I can read well but for communication I guess I need to practice a lot.. Anyone wanna be my language partner?? :P



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