Monday, October 7, 2013

Event: Seoul Firework Festival

For those in South Korea on last weekend, there are so many big scale of event happening around.^^  Have any of you check it out?? Looking at it on the internet makes me envy all my Korean friends!! Plus I am staying at my brother's house, and there is NO cable tv so I missed those event! ㅠㅠ

However I would like to thanks to my Korean friend for snapped some nice pictures for me.^^ What event I'm talking about??? Well on 5th October there was Seoul Firework Festival around Yeouido Hanggang Park. This firework festival is an annual event. Normally this event held on October every year at Seoul. (Place various every year) For more information you can check it here. Apart from that there are also firework festival around the other province but I'm not sure when it was held or is it an annual festival too??? O_o May be you can simply google it. ^^ 

p/s: My friend didn't go to the festival but he just snap from his apartment window! Owhhh I envy him!! I wish I'm at Seoul so I can snap it myself!! T.T


Photo Credit: My friend

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