Thursday, March 13, 2014

Unknown: Is it still safe to travel to South Korea??

It's been so long since my last post! I guess all of you knows what happen right? Yes as Malaysian I was affected by that incident.ㅠㅠ Even though I didn't know any passengers or crews boarding personally, but I shared the grief like any of you. This incident is a rare case and its was unexpectedly. ㅠㅠ

Even aviation experts have no idea how this could happen! Many countries give their hands in order to search for it yet still cannot be found. No clue, nothing at all, its just vanished in thin air!ㅠㅠ Regarding to this incident there are many speculations arise as well the safety aspect turn up. 

Lots of people have questions on their mind whether is it still safe to travel abroad at this time?? No ones can't give a concrete answers about it. This is because we simply didn't know what could happen! Even one minutes after this we don't know what heading us

For going abroad, most of us need to take airplane UNLESS if you living in Europe, because in certain part of Europe, you can take train from one countries to another. Yet the safety issues still arise! No matter which option you take for travel, it is still insecure. However don't get me wrong! I am NOT telling that all of us shouldn't travel at this time. We still can travel to anywhere we wanna, just pray that we will arrive to the destination safely! :) 

Some people asking me is it safe to travel to South Korea at this time? I asked them why this questioned arise? They told me since for heading to Korea we going to use the same airspace path. Well about this I'm not sure though, but I believe every airlines have  their own pathway, and it was confirm by air traffic that it still safe. All airlines still running their operations as usual. 

No need to worry!! However please bear in mind that this incident can happen to any airlines! Doesn't mean it happen to Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) so its insecure to take MAS! It's unfair to says so as it was unexpectedly and rare case. For whatever reasons it is, only God know whats happening and I believe there are wisdom behind this incident. Even if any country had most powerful technology, remember NOTHING CAN'T defeat God as God create us and everything!

For those who plan to travel to South Korea, no need to worry as far as I'm concern South Korea is one of most safest country. I've been there twice and looking forward to go there again or should I call as return home sweet home?? ㅋㅋㅋ Whatever it is, make sure to take care of your passport and your belonging while you abroad even if you at most safest country! ^^

p/s: Dear MH 370, please come back! Whole world were praying and waiting for you. Any runaway were ready for you. ^^  Lets' us give our best for praying the aircraft safe returns. Don't give up! and believe in God. God know whats the best for all of us!.  

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