Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm in Love with Yiruma!

I believe every one of us have our own tendency in choosing music to hear off. Since I was a kid, whenever I was given a music instrument I always choose piano or keyboard (kids version) rather than guitar, violin, clarinet or any other musical instrument. However I never attend any professional musical classes.

Some people says whenever we choose music instrument it will show what kind of person we are but I am not sure whether its true or not. People says if you choose Piano, it means you were quietly person, if you choose xylophone it shows that you kind of often irritable and hyperactive person.

Even if it was true, I am not really keen on that secret revealing all I care is I fall in love with those music notes (even though I didn't know how to read it) ^^~~ I love to hear any piano melody especially when I get stressful, for me piano melody is one of my therapy. Recently I found out about Yiruma, a South Korean pianist. I felt in love at the first sight when I heard his music! People always get wrong information about him,as his name is Yiruma; he always mistakenly known as Japanese.

These days I hear his music all the time and it makes me calm and focus on my works. Out of hundreds of his pieces my favorite is Kiss the rain. My friend telling me, this melody seems a sad melody, why would you love this?? Well sorry mate I don't have any answer for that, I just love his music! haha..

P/S: I didn't own this music or videos. Just Enjoy!^^

Credit to the artist: Yiruma 
Video Credit: xXYuNPoOXx

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