Sunday, November 4, 2012

Winter Sonata

These days K-Wave is almost everywhere. Wherever we go we can see this K-Wave influence even though we were not in Seoul. I still remember how I start to know about South Korea. It was about 10 years ago, where one of their most hit drama aired in my country. The catchy name of Winter Sonata bring luck to them. This drama not only promote South Korea as generally but it also promote the place for the drama scene, their culture, Korean cuisine and lots more.

Naminara Republic or Nami Island is a top priority of must go destination if you visit South Korea. I've been there and when I see the place for the drama scene, it's feel like I was in that drama even though I went there on spring! ^^~ People telling me if you want to feel exactly like in that drama scene you should come during Winter. I wish I can visit Nami Island again in the future with someone that I love.

Apart from the drama scene place, there are other attractions at Nami Island. They have butterfly park, and lots more. However as a main attraction, you can see the big board of Winter Sonata actor and actress and their gallery, don't miss a chance to snap a picture at these main attraction!

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