Sunday, November 11, 2012

Special Event : 11/11 Pepero Day!

Have you guys heard about Pepero Day?? Wonder what is Pepero Day? Pepero Day is one of a kind celebration that will be held every 11/11 in South Korea. This celebration was start on 1994 around Busan. 11/11 was chosen as it resembles of four sticks of Pepero. During this celebration normally people will exchanging boxes of Pepero Sticks, other candies or romantic gifts with their close or loves one. For teenagers exchanging Pepero is some kind of symbolic of wishing a person who received Pepero sticks will grow as tall as slender just like the Pepero.

However in some other countries they believe whenever we saw
11/11 (these numbers) in any other forms means someone miss us!

Anyway Pepero is one of my favorite of all time!^^~~ Till then Happy Pepero Day to all!

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