Friday, March 8, 2013

Heritage: Hanok!

For those who ever been to South Korea, did anyone of you miss to visit one of MUST VISIT place over there? I knew most of you will asking which place is that? There are so many MUST VISIT places in Seoul itself!!

Yes I'm just telling about Seoul just now not the other province ^^. Well some Koreans telling me this "if you been here but you didn't go to this place then your travelogue is incomplete!" so I replied, "meaning I got some more reasons to come back! ^^ Hahah!"

Places I'm talking about is Korean Traditional House or better known as Hanok. Korean architecture is so special as they considerate the surrounding around them, which is land and seasons. They also using 온돌 "Ondol" system which is heating system during winter seasons. These days not only Hanok is provided with ondol system but most of their apartment was equip with this system too :D

For my last visit, I decided to stay at Hanok for a week. It was best experience ever! ^^ Honestly when we reached at our Hanok, we got some kind of culture shock to see the connecting door was lock using spoon??!! Hahah! That's was our first time seeing it ^^. Then we've been quite struggling to find the lock for our room's door and we wonder is it safe if we sleep at night without lock our sliding door (room door). O_o.

After looking here and there finally we found out how to lock our room door! Hahah! One more fancy fact about Korean housing, even if you stayed at Hanok it still using digital door lock or key less door lock for the main door! Meaning you need to know the password to enter ^^*


p/s: Visiting Hanok is one of MUST if you coming to South Korea! I was staying at one of famous hanok village (they shoot some Korean drama around this village) ^^* Anyone can guess which hanok village I'm staying and what drama they shooting??

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