Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seasons: Spring has come!

Time flies so fast, its already spring in South Korea! A lovely seasons after a cold and unfavorable seasons for most Korean. It's been a year since my last visit. I bet a lot of changes happens here and there. For that I am eager to come back again on this autumn. This time would be different where I will travelling alone for the first time ever!

Compare to last year, I prepared so much before going and I got helps a lot from someone but for this year
no more helps I guess. I need to do all by myself. Well yes I do get some helps from new friends and I really thankful them for that.

can't imagine what would be my reaction for this upcoming visit if I go to the same place. Same place on different seasons that would be fun but with someone else or alone that's quite.... I just hope i won't cry going to those place again...

P/s: Enjoy your Spring time with your love one :D

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