Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Korean Food: My favorite Korean Drink a.k.a Banana Milk!!!

I still remember my first reaction when I was introduced to Banana Milk! I was like huh?? Banana Milk?? I've never heard about this drink before.Is it tasty?? I do eat banana sometimes but I'm not addicted to it. Hahha!

At first I'm a bit hesitate to try it and I choose Soy Black Bean. After been coax by my cousin for a while I decided to take a sip.. I told myself, hey! just try once; you won't die after trying it! Bring it on!! ;) At the first sip I was "
Whooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! How come I only know this now? I've never taste any better than this drink before!??!

That first reaction lead me to
become addicted to it! Hahha ^^! Once I touch down at Incheon Airport last time, I straightly heading to one of their convenient store to buy my banana milk! Instead of looking for a map on my mind was just BANANA MILK! BANANA UYU! Hahahha!!!

When I was at Seoul, I kept drink Banana Milk
all the time!! Hahhaha ^^ Anyway I know people always telling this "if you go to South Korea, try their Soju". Well in my case, I can't try that, but its OK I have my own favorite drink! ^^**

These days wherever I go, I keep looking for banana milk. Hahha! I even once asking my sister friend to buy for me as she was at Seoul last time! Hahha! Sound crazy enough??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Anyway I am looking forward for my upcoming trip to Seoul and yes
BANANA MILK is on my top priority list!!! Hahhaha!! ^^~~~~~~

p/s: If you at South Korea make sure to TRY this, but don't blame me if anyone of you become addicted! :P


  1. wow, I've just drunken Banana Milk. It's light version(low calory). hehe

    1. Grrr, envy you then!! Hahhahah ^^ Owhh I will buy huge stock of banana milk on my upcoming trip!!! LOL

  2. how the price there? at malaysia, around $1 or RM3.50

  3. At Korea, its around 1000-2000 won which mean if in RM is between RM3-RM6, because 1000 won= RM 3..