Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meeting with a KOREAN ^^

Last year on 3rd May, I was in Korea, enjoying my trip together with the other two girls ^^ What about this year??? 2013?? On the same date I was here at Malaysia and one of my KOREAN friend came over for meeting me ^^*. Hahah! I guess my ties with Korean were so good, everywhere I go there is something about Korean related to me! LOL

Even though our meeting starts with raining, we were really enjoy for the whole weekend! ^^ This was the first time meeting but we didn't feel awkward at all! We chatting a lot as if there is no tomorrow! Hahhaha! 

Then I invite my close friend, and three of us enjoying sunny Saturday. We brought him to some of popular spot at Kuala Lumpur. As Sunday was general election day so there were not many people at Kuala Lumpur. What a great day, we stroll around freely ^^!

We also
let him try some local food such as "keropok lekor, roti canai and otak-otak". Besides we let him try our local fruit too such as pineapple and guava. He seems enjoying a lot! We reach our guesthouse at night, a bit tired but it was great! ^^

Finally, its time for me to
depart, I felt everything in between. I wish I could stay longer as he's still here for few days but I didn't have any other choice... :( Before left we had our last breakfast of "Roti sardin" together. Then he walk me to the bus station and wait for a bus together. What a very sad moment! :(

p/s: He choose this menu for me ^^, and sorry I can't put our picture here.. Too many stalkers soon.. Hahha!! I just wish I can see him again when I'm at Korea soon! 

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