Friday, May 17, 2013

Korean Food: 반찬 : Pajeon

Have anyone of you try Korean cuisine before?? If you go to Korea, you might surprised seeing their dining table! 0_O Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with their table setting ^^~~ its just their eating session seems like having a fiesta!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Kimchi is a must in every meals and of course along with a lot of banchan (반찬) ^^!! Eating Korean cuisine in my country is different compare to what I had in Korea, over here I just ordered a main dishes, and usually they just bring along  kimchi as 반찬, only that. V_V However at Korea, your 반찬 are half of your table!!! @_@

One of popular banchan is Jeon. Jeon is also known as pancake in Korea. Korean have few types of pancake including pajeon, bindaetteok, hotteok and hwajeon. Apart from these four type, I just tried pajeon and hotteok. Both were super yummy and mouth watering!! ^^

As I was craving for Korean food today, I decided to cook it by myself! ^^* After Google for pajeon recipe  and watch it via Youtube, I make my first attempt! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Here some photo for you my dear readers!^^

How to make a pajeon??? Watch this video ^^

p/s: I didn't use seafood as there is no stock at home so I just used sausage. Hahhah! Try it when you free!! ^^

Video Credit: The Taste of Korea
Sources: Korean Pancake


  1. dasar blognya banyak berubah. It's good to see your passion of menulis.

    1. hahah,thank you :D, yes writing makes me happy ^^ Keep read my blog ya ^^**