Sunday, May 12, 2013

Special Event: Parent Day

On 12 May every year, mothers' day will be celebrated worldwide however do you know that Korean didn't celebrate it?? For Korean there is no Mothers' day or Fathers' day instead they celebrate both together on 8 May. This celebration called as Parent Day.

During parent day, kids will give their parent a carnation. Hmmm interesting, but why Carnations and not any others flowers?? I kept asking my Korean friends but they also have no idea about the reason giving their parent a carnations.. Hahhaha! so I Google and found out about it. ^^ Carnations is a flower of the Gods (from Greek words). Giving a parent a carnation is a token to show kids respect to their parent

Last year I was at Seoul during parent day, looking at those carnation bouquet makes me think "if only my mom was here! I would like to buy her lots of carnation!" but then she was not there at that time ㅠㅠ, so I just kept looking at it. :(

This year I celebrate mothers' day earlier, it was a week ago. My mom birthday is on 7th, so my little brother and I went out to buy a cake for her. When I was a kid I love to draw or making a card for my parent during their birthday, mothers' day or fathers' day. Really enjoying doing that, I just hope one day I will get it too from my own blood ^^~~  

p/s: Appreciate parent when they are still here with us ^^

Sources credited: Kimipakchwe
                           Kate Bruscke

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