Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Special Event: Chuseok Day??

I guess for those who were curious about Korean culture might know that Chuseok day is around the corner right?? However do you know what its all about? I did ask some of my Korean friends and I got various answers for it.The most funny answer I got is getting fat days?? LOL!! Just kidding! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Chuseok is referred to Hangawi which is big (Han) (한) and ides of autumn (gawi)( 가위). According to the lunar calendar its when full harvest moon appears. Chuseok also known as Korean Thanksgiving day. This celebration is one of the most important event in Korean culture. During Chuseok, family members from near and far will gather together and sharing their food, stories as well to thanks their ancestors for abundant harvest.

For this year, Chuseok will fall on 19 September. At Korea, Chuseok holiday will start right before Chuseok celebration, on Chuseok day itself and after the celebration day which means 3 days off. As this year it fall on Wednesday, so most of them get 5 days leave! Wee ^^ Plenty time to spend time with family and their love one! :D

What did they do during Chuseok day?? O_o On Chuseok day, one of the activities is holding a memorial service or known as Charye (차례), this activity basically  to worship their ancestor. Memorial service were held twice a year, which is during Seollal and Chuseok. However the item for memorial service for both event were different. As for Chuseok, the item for memorial service are freshly harvested rice, Korean native alcohol (makgeolli or soju) and songpyeon (rice cake).

Apart from that, they will also visiting ancestral grave (Seongmyo)(성묘) and clearing weeds around the grave or known as Beolcho (벌초). This practice were to show their devotion, respect and familial duty towards their ancestors.  What about dressing during Chuseok?? I asked some of my Korean friends,their answers are "normally old people, baby or young boys/girls will wearing hanbok during Chuseok but its depend on the family itself because some of Korean family were Christian.

As Chuseok day is a family gathering activities, some of them also love to play Korean traditional game such as Go Stop and ssireum. There is a traditional dance too during Chuseok called ganggangsullae but this traditional dance mostly perform at Jeollanam-do province.Another activity during Chuseok day is exchanging gift, however this activity were practically came up during modern Korean society. Now this celebration were some sort like Christmas isn't it?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 

Memorial Service ceremony

Go Stop cards



Chuseok Gift Set

p/s: Usually during any celebration, kids will be the most happiest! Same as well during Chuseok day, kids normally get allowance from adult. ^^ As Muslim, I didn't celebrate Chuseok day, however our picture was taken as we learn how to bow in Korean culture. :) Happy Chuseok to all Korean readers! ^^


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