Sunday, September 29, 2013

Guideline: Seoul Subbers ^^

Most countries have their own subway system in their capital cities right?? same goes to Seoul. In fact Seoul subway system had been voted as number ONE most efficient in the world by ^^ Apart from that, Seoul Metropolitan subway is the MOST extensive system by length and 2nd of the most subway with numbers of stations. Seoul subway also placed as 2nd most frequently used subway after Tokyo subway system.

However when I first arrived at Seoul and looking at subway map, my eyes become like @_@!!!! My gosh! How am I able to remember of this map and not getting lost!?!!! With small font as well fancy colors and very complex routes its really makes me dizzy!! Anyone wanna guess how many LINE (routes) they have? They have 19 LINE!!!!! Too many isn't it??? However its good as it cover almost every part of Seoul and even connected to Gyeonggi-do and airport at Incheon! ^^

For travelers, this subway system is not only cheap, reliable but also very convenient! Normally the schedule is on-time however if you ride during peak hours it would be very pack!! One of my Korean friend telling me, DO NOT sit on 3 seat set because those seat were specially made for old folk, sick people and pregnant women. He even telling me if you sit there, some "ajumma or ajusshi" will come over and mad at you! Hahhah!! well I'm not sure about this as I never saw it for real while I'm there. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

What about their signage and announcement??If you didn't understand Korean language don't worry!! This is because they provide with multi-language announcement when reach at every station or when need to transfer. At some station, they will announce in Korean, English, Japanese and Mandarin (according to the tourist interest center). Another good thing is inside subway you still can be connected as they provide wifi for you! That is ONE of the best service they gave you! ^^

The subway stations also clean and very safe even when you ride at night. ^^ For travelers before plan your routes using Seoul subway you also can check about the fare and the routes via their web!For more information check it out here. Another best facilities they provide for you is heated seats. Since Korea is one of the country that extremely cold during winter (plus with Siberian wind) there is one place for you to avoid cold which is inside subway! Hahah! Their seat were provides with heaters! Isn't it good??? Last but not least is if you were rushing home and busy to get something, you can do your last minutes shopping inside or at attached shopping mall at most of subway station!! Save your time isn't it?? :P 

I print this from their website

I got this from my guide book

p/s: As you can see on my last pictures, most every Seoul subway stations were covered with glass so it only open when subway reach. For buying subway ticket, I would like to suggest to use T-Money as its more convenient. You can check about it on my previous entry, T-Money. For recognizing each LINES color, please see at the wall (subway station), each station provide different color code according the Seoul subway routes.


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