Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Places: MUST Visit: Namsan Tower!

My trip is coming soon so I'm quite busy finalized my planning for it ^^. After thinking about so many things I decided to go to Seoul and some other provinces :D. I've been to Seoul last time and visit some nice places yet there are so many places around Seoul that I haven't able to go last time! T.T so for this time, I will visit places around Seoul that not many touristic know about, I guess?? Hahha!!! However all of you must wait for those places entry once I'm back from Korea!! :D

For today I will write about throwback to Namsan Tower and Teddy Bear Museum though! :D At a first glance, I thought this tower seems familiar, where did I saw it? Then I realized! Ahhhh its seems similar with KL Tower! LOL!! The differences is the path you choose, to go to Namsan Tower, you can choose either walking, via bus or via cable car! However at KL Tower, you just can go on foot or bus.

Namsan Tower also known as Seoul Tower located on Namsan mountain in central of Seoul. It is 479.7 m above sea level. Namsan Tower consist of 4 observation deck where you can see almost whole side of Seoul from different angle!!! Besides that there are few interesting site around Namsan Tower which is Locks of Love and Teddy Bear Museum. :D

What is Locks of Love Park?? Actually I didn't know what they call this place but all I can see there are lock chain so I just simply put park after it!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ . Lots of lovers or friends come here and put a chain together as if hoping that their love will blossom together forever! Well honestly I didn't believe it as we never know whats future hold. :P I didn't put any chain love there during my visit but yes I did enjoy the surrounding and captured some pictures there! ^^ For K-drama lovers, some drama did their shooting here such as the latest one, "Expect Dating"  which is BOA, Choi Daniel and Siwan (ZE:A) were the main lead.

Then we headed to the Teddy Bear Museum. This teddy bear museum were divided by two part, one is traditional teddy bear museum and the other one is modern teddy bear museum. Some of you might wonder what is the significant of teddy bear to Korean right?? Well there is a story behind it but I will put it in different entry someday as I need to study and get the correct fact first! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. At this museum, you can see so many teddy bears wearing different costumes according to certain event. I record some videos for all of you! ^^ Enjoy it!  For more information about admission fees and operation hours of Namsan Tower, visit here. If you wanna know how to get there, click here.

Namsan Tower at Night

Namsan Tower during sunny day

Ticket Admission

Scenery from Observation deck

Traditional Teddy Bear Museum

Modern Teddy Bear Museum

Lock of Love

Expect Dating  feature Siwan (ZE:A)

Traditional Bear

Modern Bear

p/s: If you plan to go to Seoul, Make sure to check this place! Bring your love one and create beautiful moment! <3


Photo Sources:     jalan2korea.com


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  2. Oppss I just realized your comment today T.T sorry for not reply earlier T.T and I've been there on last October, but If I visit Seoul again someday I will check it out :D and for all readers who plan to visit Korea, you can check it out too if you are thinking of renting portable wifi ^^