Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Korea Trip Journal :Day 1

As you guys knew I'm already back about a week ago, time flies so fast!! I wish no ones wake me up from my sweet dream a.k.a Korean Trip!ㅋㅋㅋ Anyway in this post I will share about my 2013 South Korea Trip Journal, I went to Korea on 23 October with morning flight, I am so nervous as well excited!!

My eldest brother sent me to the airport early, as he had to rush home for sending his kids to school and he himself get ready for work. I reached at airport around 4:20 am and sitting there alone. While waiting for my friend and her group, I try to chat with stranger as to kill my time. My friend arrived to the airport around 5:30 a.m, then I looked for her and we check in together. After finish check in our luggage we heading to the international departure hall and snap some pictures there.

At 8:00 a.m we were ready to fly! I feel so excited and not sleepy at all!! I talk to my next, this is his first time having a trip to Korea! So since these is my second time trip to Korea, he asked me a lot of things ㅋㅋㅋ. 6 hours and 10 minutes journey is like nothing, we do having a nap but when we woke up we already closed to Incheon International Airport ^^ I can't wait for the flight to touch down! ㅋㅋㅋ

At 15:30 (KST) we touch down Incheon International Airport, and after having a handling document process to immigration and customs we heading to the airport bus counter. Here we depart to our different location. I'm going to Hapjeong, while my friend and her group going to Dongdaemun. About an hour, I reach at Hapjeong station. At that time the day is about to finish even though its only 5 p.m?? (as its autumn seasons, the day become short) so I kept looking at the map to my guesthouse. (My Korean friend prepare a map for me).

I found the first landmark and second landmark however after that I'm kind of lost!! I asked around and some of them showing me the direction but still I lost as there are so many small alley..T.T I start to worry as its already dark and I'm in the middle of no where!! I didn't do roaming service for my phone so I can't contact the guesthouse staff or my friend T.T. I keep asking people for the direction, actually I feel wanna cry as I'm too tired and I'm lost!! T.T

Then I ask one ajusshi, not many Korean can speak in English fluently but I can't give up or else I might sleep on the road?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Then he look at the map and try to search using his smart phone. He tried few times but seems he can't find it. T.T At last he make a call to a guesthouse. :D He told to the guesthouse staff about me and where were we. The staff told him that he ll come looking for me and direct me to the guesthouse. What a relieved!! I am so thankful to him! Without his help I might still stuck in the middle of no where!

After waiting about 7 minutes the staff arrived and show me the direction to the guesthouse. What a very exhausted day but its a good experience! ㅋㅋㅋ . I still confused about way back to the subway station as I've gone through so many small alley, I did ask the staff and he draw a map but still I'm confused perhaps too tired?? LOL. Finally one of my room mate back and we talk to each other. She's travelling alone too, she's Canadian.^^ After simple conversation, she take me out and show the direction to subway station. Within a short period we become very closed! ^^

p/s: To be continued... I miss my Canadian friend! 

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