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Heritage: Korean Tradition for New Year

2013 is over, and here come 2014. Owhh NO!! My age??! Korean age??!! ㅠㅠ  However people don't think I'm too old ㅋㅋㅋ. Anyone wanna try to guess how old I am? ㅋㅋㅋ. Anyway, have any of you know about Korean Tradition during New Year Eve?? I guess you guys were aware right, that Korean celebrate two celebration for New year. One is according to Lunar Calendar, which is Seollal and another one is based on Gregorian Calendar which is 1st January like in any other countries.

Like in any other countries, some Korean will celebrate new year eve with firework too but there is NO official firework or large scale firework! Instead they celebrate it with something else. The event call 보신각 (Bosingak). Bosingak is actually a large bell name. This bell pavilion located at Jongno. This bell was originally constructed in 1396. However due to fire and war, it was destroyed so many times and re-designated on 1895 by Emperor Gojong

During Joseon period, this bell were located in the center of castle. Bosingak was hit as an announcement of the opening 4 gates around Seoul. It was also used as fire alarm. These days this bell only rang at midnight on  New Year Eve for 33 times. The purpose of these are as a prayer for good fortunes, health, prosperity and etc overall South Korea

Massive numbers of Korean who live around Seoul will attend the ceremony every year, and it also been aired live in TV. You can reach to this place via subway.  LINE 1, Get off at Jonggak Station (종각 역)
Besides, as new year starts, normally Korean will heading to mountain or sea to watch first sun rise for the year and wish their prayer.

Bosingak New Year 2014

First 2014 Sun Rise

p/s: Happy New Year 2014! Wishing this year will bring more joys, happiness and love for everyone! For those who plan to visit South Korea, have a safe and fun trip!!! I am thinking a date to visit Korea, meeting my bf soon! ^^
YTNnews blocked the videos even though I put credit on them, but you still can watch it by clicking on watch on Youtube. :)

               My Korean friends
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Video Credited: YTNnews 24

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