Friday, January 31, 2014

Special Event: Happy Seollal and Lunar New Year ^^

Like any other country that celebrates Lunar New Year, the Koreans also celebrate this festive season. However they call it as Seollal. Seollal is one of the most important event for Korean throughout the year along side with Chuseok Day.

For the Seollal celebration, it will take about 3 days and Seollal is an event which  focus more to family. For 2014, its a year of Blue Horse or known as Gaponyeon (갑오 년).During this celebration, Korean will gather with their family, perform ancestral ritual or known as Charye (차례),holding family feast ceremony, perform sebae (세배)  and doing some activities together. The celebration of Seollal is almost the same with mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam but there is one different activity Korean do during this festive season.

What is the differences?? During Lunar New Year, in those countries above, most of them will play folk game including board game, kite, shuttlecock and swing. Korean plays these folk games too. Most of  the board game were similar to mainland China board game like Mahjong, Chinese Chess, and Cards. However in Korea, there is one game call Yutnori. 

Yutnori is a Korean traditional board game where they will playing using Yut stick. This game is very popular among Korean no matter what age they are and Korean love to play this game during Seollal. I never had experience of playing this games though ㅠㅠ, maybe I should try later?? ㅋㅋㅋ For more information about how to play Yutnori, you can visit here.

p/s: Happy Seollal to Koreans and Happy Lunar New Year to all. (Who celebrate it) May this Blue Horse year bring more prosperity and good fortune to everyone!! Owh my boyfriend will play this game too with his friend, I wish I'm there!! ㅠㅠ


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