Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Tour : Romantic Place to be with Your Love O_o

Still left few months before spring come again in South Korea! Wee ^^ Anyone plan to go to Korea for this winter or upcoming winter?? As I mentioned two years ago, Korea is a Winter Wonderland, a paradise for people who loves winter sports! What about people who didn't know how to skiing, ice skating or snow boarding then??  What should they do??

For couple who didn't like winter sports much, they can heading somewhere and have a pleasant time together. ^^ There is a place called The Garden of Morning Calm. This garden were located at Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do. ^^ 

Garden of Morning calm were inspired by an Indian poet, Sir Tagore who describe Korea as "The Land of Morning Calm" during Joseon Dynasty. This garden is one of the oldest private Korean gardens. It's open 365 days per year and there is fees charging. For more information you can refer it here. Lets' pictures speak more! ^^

p/s: I haven't been to this place yet ㅠㅠ What a lovely garden! One of my Korean friend went there few days ago with her bf. Owhh I envy her!!ㅋㅋ  ^^*

Photo Credit: Kim Ye Ji

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