Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trip 2014 with LOVE: Day 2

After a very long journey, less rest here we go again for our second day trip! ^^ We decided to go to Seongsan-ri as we wanna see the sunrise at Seongsan Ilchoolbong and we wanna go to Udo. Before we start our journey we have brunch I guess?? as its too late to call it breakfastㅋㅋ. 

For our brunch we have kimbab. Having a soup refresh our body (I don't know what was it name). The kimbab were nice!  Even though the size of kimbab is too big and its not easy to full all in I kept eating it! ㅋㅋㅋ Yes as it too big so I left some of it here and there ㅋㅋ and bit messy! ^^~~ 

Then we took our bus to Seongsan-ri. From Jeju to Seongsan-ri it took about two hours. We reach at Seongsan around 15:00. We go around looking for a guesthouse but all were fully booked! We were struggling looking for it as its weekend along with public holiday so many Korean visit Jeju.ㅠㅠ

Finally we decided to stay at Dosirak Guesthouse. This guesthouse recently open so not many people knows about it! Lucky us, we had a place to sleep!^^ We put our bag packs and plan to go to Seobjikoji. One of interesting place to visit when you were in Seongsan-ri

From our guesthouse we kept walking without any proper guide and all we know is it take about 1 hour from guesthouse to Seobjikoji. We just reading the signboard and kept walking!ㅋㅋ We stop by at a place that looks like Seobjikoji but find out its not!ㅋㅋ He also have NO idea since he never go to Seobjikoji before!ㅋㅋ Then we kept walking until we finally saw the signboard to the place! It was so far, so we just snap pictures from far but it didn't turn out well!ㅠㅠ.

We took another one hour heading off to our guesthouse!A bit tired but hey we were on trip!! It's normal for walking ㅋㅋㅋ. After resting for a while at guesthouse, we decided to sip cup of coffee downstairs. There is cafe downstairs!Wee ^^ It's my first time having coffee for this trip! I choose caramel macchiato! (My favorite) ^^ He had banana smoothie. ^^  

Finish our coffee we had our dinner near to our guesthouse! We had Jeonbog dduk bae gi (전복뚝배기)! It's alive! We also having fish. ^^ Supper yummy! While heading back to guesthouse it was very windy! Owhh so cold!!ㅠㅠ so we rushing back to our guesthouse! Then we sat at living room watching TV with other guests, I didn't know what its all about as there is NO English subtitle!ㅠㅠ People in the guesthouse were unfriendly and we felt very awkward!ㅠㅠ

We went to our rooms and katalk to each other!ㅋㅋ We decided to move to another guesthouse on the next day!Can't stand the awkward feeling!ㅋㅋ Then I met my new mates, she's Korean, a teacher. We talked a lot until I'm completely forgot my boyfriend! ㅋㅋㅋ Pity him! ㅠㅠ  

p/s: What about day 3?? Stay tune! ^^

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