Monday, October 5, 2015

Event: Black Friday is here!

I think MOST of people around the WORLD knew about BLACK FRIDAY isn't it??? Somehow it makes us who NOT living in THE STATE envy them for this EVENT!ㅠㅠ Starting this YEAR, for those who LIVE at SOUTH KOREA, SHIFT away your ENVIOUS and WORRY!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ BLACK FRIDAY South Korea VERSION is HERE!! Wee ^^ Technically for this YEAR its NOT their very FIRST event. This BLACK FRIDAY event had BEEN started LAST YEAR but it ONLY host by ONLINE SHOPPING MALL like 11st,,AK Mall, HyundaiHmall,CJ Mall and etc.

After a DAY event, they were SURPRISED to see the OUTCOME! Hence for 2015, all of them DECIDED to HOST South Korea BLACK FRIDAY on the SAME period ACROSS the NATION!! NOT only PARTICIPATING by ONLINE shopping mall, but also PARTICIPATING by LUXURY department stores,LARGE discount chains, CONVENIENCE store and TRADITIONAL market. This EVENT will ON-GOING for 14 DAYS, STARTED on 1st OCTOBER to 14 th OCTOBER! How I WISH I'm there!! T.T  Just like in THE STATE their Black Friday is AFTER Thanksgiving, South Korea Black Friday also been HOSTING right after KOREAN THANKSGIVING (CHUSEOK).

Wonder how BIG the EVENT is??Well from what I READ, they said many involved in! About 27 000 STORES and markets INVOLVED across the COUNTRY! This make it as the most very FIRST and LARGEST nationwide SALES event ever! Woww!!O-o This makes me ENVY my KOREAN FRIENDS!!ㅠㅠ According to their GOVERNMENT, this LARGE scale EVENT been ORGANIZED as to STIMULATE the GROWTH of their DOMESTIC economic. Due to the HARD hit sagging of their EXPORT sector and WEAK consumer SPENDING, as well after the IMPACT of slow economic since MERS.

p/s: Some of my Korean friends said due to NOT FULLY preparation, this EVENT makes people CONFUSING too. Well I'm NOT sure as I'm NOT there now. Perhaps after FIRST day it will getting BETTER?? O-o For those who already visited, let me know how was it.~ 


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