Monday, April 1, 2013

Culture: ITEM being carry out by most KOREAN

Try to ask people around you "what is the most important items they carry all day?" I believe you will get the same answer which is wallet, mobile phone, home keys or vehicle keys. That's a normal answer for all of us, even we talk different language and live in different part of the world. However try to ask Korean, especially office workers, what is the item they carry along all day or what is unusual item they place it at their office, you might be so surprised with their answer! Hahhah!! Can you guess what is it???

I give you 10 second to make a wild guess.. Ahhh perhaps I should make competition for this and prepare some gift for my readers?? Hmmm good idea, I will do that in the future :D! 8,9,10.. The answer is TOOTHBRUSH! Some people asking, does it mean  Korean is the most hygienic people on earth??  Hahha! well they are just a normal human being like any others its just, this is one of their attitudes toward hygienic.

This attitude been taught to them since they were in kindergarten.I did ask some of my Korean friends, why they brush every after meal. Some of them told me that research shows that brushing every after meal is the best, its good for teeth and to avoid having bad breath. Yes I agreed on that and all of us aware of that fact but why we can't practice it everyday?! Hahhha ^^ Perhaps since kimchi is a must for every Korean meal, that's one of the reason for them to brush every after meal!

Anyway one of my Korean friend asking me how many times I brush in a day?? Last time I brush only twice which is after wake up and before going to bed. However since I got to know my Ex, I brush every after my meal! LOL, some of my office colleagues just laughing at me!! I just don't care and toward the end some of them also follow my practices, Hahaha!! brush after every meal :P I guess we were stuck in Korean culture!! Anyway its a positive culture so why don't we follow it?!?Hahha!


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