Saturday, April 27, 2013

Life: Gwiyomi ^^

As Hallyu wave swept all over the world, these days anything that related to South Korea will always captured people attention. Last year Gangnam Style take over the world record on YouTube for most viewers! with more than 1.5 billion viewers it swept away Justin Bieber record!! 대박!!! ^^

Gangnam Style also create some kind of "parody fever" around the world! Most of them trying to show off their talent on how to perform BEST Gangnam Style with their own way! How about recently??? Anyone of you know what is it?? Their new parody on YouTube?? Let check it out now!!!! ^^

Its a cute song called Gwiyomi by Hari. Actually this song was made after an inspiration of one Korean Idol, Jung llhoon from BtoB. The series of his hand movement captured viewers attention MTV Diary on SBS MTV. Every single day you can see there are a lot of new video about this being uploaded from across the globe! Gwiyomi is actually about how being cute. Wanna know more?? Lets just watch these videos below. I choose two best of Gwiyomi! Hahah! ^^

p/s: Hope you all of you enjoy it! Have a great weekend ^^

photo credit:
video credited: Rimnity
                       Zafrill Firman

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