Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guideline: Finding Halal Korean packaging food at Mart???

A year ago, before I went to Korea; me and my two travel mate Google for packaging food that we can consume while we were there.  Then we brought like a stake of papers consist of HALAL food listing!! Hahha! We felt like wanna trying everything but as Muslim we need to be really careful about food consuming while we abroad.

As my trip is coming soon, I am thinking about google once again for those halal food list (I lost the list) ㅠㅠ but today I found something on internet! A new application on android for checking "haram" ingredient on food packaging! Yay!! so no need for me to google about it anymore! What a bless! ^^

This application was recently built by Pakistani who living at Korea. By downloading this application it can help us as Muslim while buying food (food packaging) at mart. Currently, it is best applicable in English and Korean. However I believe the creator will update and make it applicable in other language soon. ^^

I have downloaded it and tried this morning, it works! ^^ I tried to scan on Korean candy wrap. ^^ You can find and download this application on Google Play by searching this: I only eat Halal

p/s: Please spread this new application so that it can benefits other Muslim who plan to travel to South Korea or living in there. This application also good for vegetarian ^^

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