Saturday, June 8, 2013

Korean Application: Kakaotalk vs LINE

Still received plain text on your smartphone?? Feel bored looking at it??? How about giving a try to some new instant messenger?? ^^ These days, there are few instant messengers that been circulated around!! Just name it, Kakaotalk, LINE, WeChat, Whats app and so on. Most of it provide quite similar services which is free voice call and animated text.

However do you know which one of these instant messengers received the
most attention at South Korea??? It's KAKAOTALK!! Weeee ^^ .LINE was created by Naver (Korean Company) but actually it was created by Naver Japan which is subsidiary company of Naver. That's one of the reasons LINE received huge attention at Japan compare to Korea. 

For most Korean, instant messengers were includes as one of their
daily life routine. I got a lot of Korean friends so I ask them, which one instant messenger they prefer. When I ask them about LINE, their reaction was like LINE??? What is that?? ㅋㅋㅋ. Out of 20 of my Korean friends, only 2 use LINE, but both of them also use Kakaotalk. ^^

One of reason why Korean prefer Kakaotalk, is when smartphone arrived,
Kakaotalk is the FIRST instant messenger that been introduced. Since there is NO competitor (at that time) Kakaotalk dominate instant messenger market at Korea. Since they dominate the market, Kakaotalk improved a lot of its services includes provide free voice call, plus friends, group chat, kakaostory, kakaostyle, Kakao Games and they plan to introduce some new services within this year. 

One of their service which is KakaoStory set a benchmark of 10 million download within 8 days launching. !! Another service that set a record is a game called "Anipang". This game become a national game at Korea, if you were in subway or bus, you can see most of Korean enjoy playing this game. Don't be surprise if you saw old generation or celebrity playing this game too!! ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I used both of these services, Kakaotalk and LINE, but yes I
prefer more on Kakaotalk. Kakaotalk provide many stickers and emoticon for FREE compare to LINE!! Another pros' of using Kakaotalk is they will NEVER reveal where you are compare to LINE. LINE was actually created for locating people. However for me of course I don't want to reveal where I am to everyone because it may attract stalker or put me in danger!!


p/s: Most of Korean really restricted on their privacy life, so that's another reason they prefer KAKAOTALK! ^^ Let's katalk everybody ^^ 

Sorry I can't attach LINE CF, due to copy infringement, but you guys still can catch it up on YouTube isn't it?? :P


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