Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guideline: Korean Online Shopping Spree!!! ^^

Do you know that many Korean love internet shopping mall?? Wonder what is it??
Well we were familiar with online shopping term isn't it??? Actually it is a same thing, but Korean call it as internet shopping mall. ^^

I am aware that these days online shopping is an ordinary activities and is applicable in most countries. However do you know that in Korea they can buy almost EVERYTHING online?? Just name it and prepare your cash!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

If you read my other post, Korean studying and working hours, you will get surprise about how hectic their life schedule are!! O_O Sometimes I still ask them "how do you guys arrange your hectic life schedule"??  They also have no idea about it, they just told me " life is so competitive at Korea, so we need to do everything in hurry!! We already get used to it!" 

Since they have hectic schedule, they have less time for shopping ㅠㅠ. As internet shopping was boomed around year 1999 at Korea, everybody try it and these days it become daily life routine activities. There are 2 giant internet shopping mall at Korea, which is Gmarket and Auction.These two companies were originally owned by Korean.  Gmarket started their business on year 2000. On 2001, ebay bought auction. Then both company merged together on 2011.

How about groceries?? You can get it via online too at Korea!!! Just browsing emart ^^ Fish, fruits, vegetables, eggs or even meals! Ohhh My!!!!!! Amazing!! If I live at Korea, I guess my eyes would be @_@!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Another reasons why Korean love internet shopping mall is, for some product, the price of it were relatively more cheapest compare if you get it at store!! What about shipping fees?? There are some product didn't include shipping fees!! Weeee ^^ How lucky they are!! I envy that!!!! Grrrr >_<

For those who living outskirt of Seoul, they can get anything without even go to Seoul! Sometimes some product, they can't get it at small city or town but they can get it through internet shopping mall ^^. This internet shopping mall is applicable throughout South Korea!!! For people who living in rural area, as long they have internet access they also can enjoy this too!! However for shipping fees, its going to be a bit expensive. For what ever reasons are, they were so lucky to have all these application! It really help them.

p/s: There are so many internet shopping mall at Korea, and the market is very competitive! I hope one day we got it too here at my beloved country!

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