Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life: What is a mandatory for every KOREAN MEN???

Do you know that every healthy Korean men have a mandatory duty once in their life time?? This mandatory duty also known as Military Service. Normally when Korean guys turn to 18 they will ask to go for fully medical check up to ensure if they are qualify for military service. After medical check up they can apply either to be in army, navy or air force but not all of them will be selected according to their preference. Most of Korean men will received their notice of enlistment in between the age of 19 to 21 years old.

After received their notice of enlistment, they
can postpone it for few times, depend on certain reasons but still they need to complete it no matter what or else imprisonment!! T.T. For more information on some of qualified reasons to postpone, check it out here. Rule for postpone Military Service Most of them prefer to join in military service at age of 21-22, on first or second year of university. Every branch have different duration to complete military service. For army, they need to complete it in 21 months, navy will complete their military service in 23 months, air force and civil service have 24 months to complete their military service while special civil service completed in 30,34 or 36 months

During their military service, they will get a compensation but its not high enough. For every Korean men, experiencing in military service is the most hardest period in their life time and due to this they really appreciate what they learn while in base camp!!. Even though they completed their military service, they still need to attend for reservation for few years. Here are information about these. Reservist Training Hours

For more information, read it at  Korean Military Service

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