Saturday, April 26, 2014

Places: Olympic Park

Anyone knows Jamsil??? For those who ever went to Lotte Park I believe they were familiar with this area. Jamsil also well known as "Korea Beverly Hills" as there is one of the most famous department store located in here. However today I'm not going to talk about shopping mall in Korea because I only experience it once and I'm not really into it. ㅋㅋ

Apart from high standard area, Jamsil also known as a sport center within Seoul. Why I says so? It is because on 1988, Summer Olympic was held here. Due to that, Jamsil sports complex were built and up until now it still hold the title as Korea's largest integrated sports center. However I never had a chance to enter it!ㅠㅠ Should I going there next time for baseball games??ㅋㅋ

Another interesting place to visit in Jamsil is Olympic Park. ^^ I've been here with one of my Korean friend and we enjoy taking lots of pictures here! ^^Seoul Olympic park is said to be one of  World's Five Best Sculpture Parks! While strolling here we saw many unique sculptures even though some of it, we don't get what it was!ㅋㅋ

The landmark for Olympic Park is Peace Gate. This Peace Gate was designed by Kim Chung up and it symbolize the hope for peace. For those who like to challenge their mind you should visit National Flags Plaza! Its in the same area!ㅋㅋ Plus for foreigner who learnt Korean, try to read those flags name! ㅋㅋㅋ 

Along way to Olympic Park there are garden too. Flowers lover you should come here during spring or autumn! The flowers were lovely! If only I can pluck it! LOL There are various of roses and few more flowers ( I don't know what was it name!) ㅋㅋ Let's our pictures speak to you!ㅋㅋ For more details about Olympic Park and how to get there please refer here.

p/s: Olympic Park is a nice place to stroll with your love one during weekend or any days! ^^


Photo Credit: My Friend

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