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Special Event: Songpyeon, a MUST have item during Chuseok!

Autumn comes again! Ahh it's been a year since my last autumn in Korea. Looking at my autumn trip pictures makes me wanna go there again, even though I just come back 3 months ago! ㅋㅋㅋ Anyway this is my second entry for Chuseok day occasion. ^^ Meaning its nearly 2 years since I start writing on this blog! Time really flies fast isn't it??ㅋㅋ

For 2014 Chuseok, I'm going to write about special delicacy during this special occasion. Chuseok celebration without "songpyeon" is like you held a gun without a bullet! It's felt as if something missing without this important traditional dishes!

Songpyeon is a rice cake but it isn't an ordinary rice cake because Korean says songpyeon is one of offering item during Chuseok. That is one of the reason without songpyeon, Chuseok day is incomplete.ㅋㅋ Why songpyeon mostly be eaten during Chuseok?? I ask around but most of my Korean friends says they don't know much about it, they said all they know that it is been said that its one of tradition during Chuseok day.ㅋㅋㅋ

Apart from that I also ask my friends about Songpyeon shape. They said in the beginning process, the shape will be in full moon shape but at the end it must have be in crescent moon shape. According to Korean history record, it is believe that songpyeon shape are referring for two greatest kingdom in Korean history, Bakjae and Silla Dynasty.

Bakjae Kingdom is full moon, while crescent moon shape is referring to Silla Kingdom. During King Uija sovereignty in Bakjae, turtle back was found. This special code interpret as the fall of Bakjae Kingdom and the rise of Silla Kingdom. It came true when Silla Kingdom defeated Bakjae in war. As Silla won, crescent moon been regard as bright future to Korean.

For Korean, eating crescent moon Songpyeon with family under the full moon of Chuseok is as a wish of having plenty harvest season next year as well to show their gratitude of successful harvest seasons for that particular year.

I haven't try Songpyeon because I've never been at Korea during Chuseok day, I would like to experience that someday! ^^ For those who interested to make it at home you may refer here.

P/s:  There are few types of filling inside Songpyeon like chesnut, sesame, mung bean and etc. They put "song" (pine needles) in order to prevent it stick to one another. Korean believe that whoever made a beautiful shape of songpyeon will having beautiful daughters. ^^ㅋㅋ Happy Chuseok Day to all my Korean readers! ^^ Hope you guys have a wonderful Chuseok celebration and abundant in everything!

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