Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Event: 17th Asian Games, Incheon

I'm not a big fan of sports however I do enjoy watching some of it. ㅋㅋ Why I choose to write about sports today?? Actually I'm not!ㅋㅋ Last Friday there was big event held at Incheon, Korea, its still ongoing.^^ As ex event management student, big scale event always draw my passion into it.ㅋㅋㅋ Perhaps I miss those old days during my university period??ㅋㅋ I've always thinking when I will having a chance for organizing big scale of sports event, I always wanted to experience it but I guess I have to forget about it, since I'm no longer in that field currently..ㅠㅠ Whatever it is, been a part of committees for organizing international event helps me a lot in so many aspect and I'm happy with that! ^^

Lets proceed with my topic today,I guess you guys knew that The 17th Asian Games had starts on last Friday isn't it??. This event will be held from September 19, until October 4, 2014. With the motto of  "Diversity shines here", the event had succeed to gather all 45 Asian countries! ^^ Despite of political situation in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Iran, they still sent representatives from their countries to join the event. ^^ Don't get me wrong I'm not talking about political here,ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sports do unite countries even though in daily life they had some disputable issues. ^^

Asian Games is one of prestige event as it participated by many countries in Asia continent. For 2014, the event took place at Incheon. This metropolitan city took around one hour to Seoul. I've been to one of the venue but at that time its still under construction!ㅋㅋ I forgot to take the picture though!ㅠㅠ For Asian Games 2014, the venue for media broadcasting and press were located at Songdo. This area is eco-friendly zone and new sisters city in Incheon. For more update about the games you can click here. Curious about Songdo city, read this. ^^ There are few games/disciplines will held somewhere around Songdo includes softball, cycling,beach volleyball, kabadditriathlon and weightlifting

p/s: For those who love K-pop, maybe you should grab a ticket and check it out on closing ceremony. I heard CN Blue will do some performance there!^^ Ahh my favorite actor join in during opening ceremony but I miss a chance to see it on TV! ㅠㅠ

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Photo Credit: ocasia.org 

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