Monday, December 16, 2013

My Korea Trip Journal: Day 9

Having a nice day with my love is simply one of the greatest moment during my whole trip!!^^ I wish I can stop the time and spend whole day with him again, unfortunately time kept ticking. It time for us to say goodbye to each other.ㅠㅠ I wish this goodbye is just for a while, I kept pray to meet him again someday!!

We were aware that we live far distance. Anything can happen but we will do as best as we could to protect our love. ^^ Everyday we kept pray that this love kept growing and stronger despite of distance and uncertainty. Thank God, ^^ so far nothing bad happen to us, we kept contact each other everyday even though within short period. Trust is the most important key in relationship!! ^^

Back to my story, we get ready to go to Busan Station (train station) as I will take Mugunghwa train to Daegu first, for meeting my friend, and he will take KTX to go back to Seoul. He bought the tickets while I'm waiting for him. We will depart from a different platform. His KTX will depart at 9:20 a.m., while my train will depart at 9:25 a.m!

Once we get our ticket, we went to a shop. We want to get something such small token as remembrance for our sweet memory!^^~~ If you read one of my entry before, you will have the idea what am I talking about. ㅋㅋㅋ Read here for more information. He asked me what I want as couple set. Since we were running out of time I just take a look at bookmark but I don't read much!ㅋㅋ Then we saw a couple set of smartphone ear cap.

We decided to get that.^^ He also bought the bookmark that I saw earlier. ^^  After he gave me the ear cap and bookmark, we say goodbye as he need to rush off! I went to my platform without realizing I miss something! Near to the train I saw an old lady struggling to get in so I help to carry her stuff inside the train. Right after I sat on my seat and about to look for something, I realized that my bag!! My handbag!!! Owhhh no!!! My bag is with him!

I felt very panic! Look at the watch and its about 2 minutes before 9:20 a.m.!! I got my phone and cash however my passport is inside the bag!!!! I took my bag pack and run upstairs, I have no idea where to run to!! I don't know his platform! While I'm looking here and there I hear someone called my name!! Aisya, Aisya!

Thank God it was him!! He gave me the bag and we both run downstairs to our train! Phewww!!!!! A very challenging moment for my whole trip! I can't imagine what happen if I can't get my bag! He will back to Seoul and went to somewhere where he can't bring his phone! Lucky me!! ^^  (Hahha, phrase that he love to says to me) He always tell me that I'm such a lucky girl! Almost every time, everything turn out well for me) ^^**

I slept for entire journey from Busan to Daegu. Well its not take much time though, around 1 hour 35 minutes. Once I reach Daegu, I met my friend. She bring me around Daegu downtown. Daegu is one of special place for oriental medical. We strolling around row of oriental medical shop. Then we went to Oriental Medical Museum. While we walking, there is a group of ajushi asking me "From Malaysia? Kuala Lumpur??" I felt proud as some Korean knew my country! ^^ Lots of Korean know more about Singapore and Indonesia compare to Malaysia. ㅠㅠ

We enjoying the oriental medical environment as well trying Korean ginseng drink?? Bitter yet felt re-fresh!ㅋㅋ Then we went for our lunch. My friend brought me to one of famous restaurant in Daegu, (sorry I can't remember the name) There we had bibimbap. Yummy!! We talk for a while and snap some pictures. ^^

As we run out the time, we went to Daegu Station as I need to take my second train to Seoul.  As we bought the ticket on the spot, I got a double seat. Meaning at one station I need to change my seat.It was a pleasant memory I had in Daegu! I wish to come back again and explore more about Daegu. ^^

The journey from Daegu to Seoul took 3 hours 45 minutes but I had to change my seat at Cheonan station. I try to get to my seat but I get stuck as there were too many people! End up I just stand with lots of people until I reach Seoul Station. Very tiring!! I take my subway to Hapjeong Station (I stay at the same guesthouse)

It's already dark and I forgot which exit I should get off! I get off at exit 4!!(which is wrong!!) I kept looking for a way to my guesthouse but I can't find it! LOL.. I gave up! I realize that I went to the wrong exit! Exit 4 is at Gwangju! LOL Then I ask someone to show me the direction to my guesthouse. ㅠㅠ He check using his smartphone and he try to locate it but failed! Then he asked someone. ㅋㅋㅋ

Actually while we walking, at one point I remember the way back to my guesthouse as I used that alley everyday while I'm at Seoul! I told him, "thank you so much, from here I know how to get to my guesthouse.However he kept showing the direction until we reach in front of my guesthouse!!ㅋㅋㅋ Very good guy! ^^ Thanks to him! I should take a picture with him but I forgot! ㅋㅋㅋ Owh my boyfriend will get jealous later! :P

After arrived I busy pack my stuff. I get the same room! LOL just different bed. I slept at Maya bed (my Japanese friend) ㅋㅋㅋ and I got new room mates. A girl from Busan, a Japanese, a girl from Jeju and a Malaysian!^^ I shared stories with Malaysian girl! She's very nice but I forgot to take pictures!ㅠㅠExhausting so I went to bed.ㅋㅋㅋ

Our first couple item ^^~~

Busan train Station

My mugunghwa ticket

Oriental Medical shop

Daegu most famous traditional restaurant


Oriental Medical Museum

My Daegu Friend ^^

My Mugunghwa ticket

p/s: Even though that journey were really tiring, when I'm thinking back I just smile and laughing! Really had a good experience! I wish to do it again someday

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