Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Throwback# Places: Damyang Bamboo Forest

Anyone plan to go to Jeollanam-do?? ^^ There are many interesting places to check it out when you go to Jeollanam-do. However during my 2013 Korea Trip, I just went to certain place at Gwangju that includes Damyang Bamboo Forest with my friend. Damyang Bamboo Forest is located between Damyang-gun and Gwangju Metropolitan City.

Along the way to Damyang Bamboo Forest or known as Juknowon (Bamboo Garden) we pass by Gwanbangjerim Forest. Gwanbangjerim Forest is a Natural Monument No.366. It is a special man-made forest to prevent flooding along Damyangcheon Stream.At this stream you might able to see duck and birds.

At Juknowon, there is beautiful artificial waterfall, walking path, pavilion, eco-exhibition center as well a place where you can see handcraft made by bamboo. While I'm at Damyang Bamboo Forest, I saw a giant billboard says that there is function going on at this place on 2014. For more detail about the event you may click here.

p/s: I missed this place so much! Nice experience! You may read my journey to this area here.

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